Five Minecraft Basement Designs for Inspiration

If you’ve reached the point where your mansion or castle is complete, but you don’t have a basement you’re not really finished with your Minecraft design. There are a lot of cool things you can do with a basement. If you haven’t’ yet considered adding this to your structure, we have some amazing ideas that may change your mind. While it’s not necessary, you might get inspired by our five Minecraft basement designs.

5. Modern Private House Basement #25

Keralis is the author of this Modern Private house that is built almost underground. It’s a well-constructed house that the architect designed with a pool on the rooftop for a really nice touch. Although the major part si unfurnished, the basement may be the best part of the structure with ample space to enjoy video games. This serves as a perfect place to launch your minings. So far, this design has received 2,789 views. The house has a block count of 1962. The fact that digging deeper into the basement can reveal a plethora of awful creatures is a bit exciting. Make sure to create corridors that will ultimately provide you with useful escape routes. We give this design a thumbs up for creativity and for inspiring the imagination to wander. It gives you a place to begin anyway.

4. Medieval Guest House With a Basement

WesterosCraft is the author of this basement idea. The Medieval Guest House features the lower level room that lies beneath the cozy visitor’s house that seems inviting and comfortable. There is a lot that you can do with this kind of basement. It can harbor your most well-kept secrets. Imagine the chests of mystery items you can keep in there. Make sure that you conceal the entrance to the basement when you’re building it though. It could be your little secret. This treasure has a block count of 1287 and so far has had 2,468 views. You can view the blueprints here. A list of all the required materials is provided to help you get started on your project. We give this high marks for excellence because it’s a brilliant idea and it’s great for any player at a skill of level 1. It might take a while to complete though.

3. Starter House With Basement

If you’re at a skill level of 1 then you might want to consider this starter house design with a basement. It’s not a huge project and the small compact house is cute enough. It’s suitable for a Minecrafter, plus you don’t need to have luxury surroundings for surviving the night. It’s a simple design that can be built quickly and without a ton of supplies, plus you have the advantage of the basement area for more imaginative endeavors. It’s a brilliant idea for storing your Minecraft stuff while you’re about your other building duties and away from your most prized possessions. The author of this design is MagmaMusen. The block count is just 519. So far the design has had 10,160 views. If you’re interested in seeing the details of this design you can find the blueprints for download here. Sometimes it’s best to go economical while you’re building in other areas. You can equip this small starter house to keep you safe and sound. The basement is almost a necessity for protecting your Minecraft valuables from the bad guys.

4. Basement Storage Design

Although we couldn’t locate the blueprints or specifications for this design it blew us away when we saw it. This is an underground storage area that technically qualifies as a basement. If you’re into luxury for your hiding spots this one definitely fits the bill. The full bar can hold all the liquor you’d ever need with barstools around for your friends. It’s neatly ordered with all the storage compartments you could fit against a wall. There are enough nooks and crannies to hide any of your chests to keep your Minecraft stuff safe from prying eyes and the bad guys that are out to rob you blind. This would be a monumental project. We have no idea what the block count would be, but it certainly is an inspiring image that gives you some great ideas to start on your new basement project. We give this design high marks for ingenuity and craftiness. We love the modern design. It would be ideal to accompany your more modern structures if you happen to have already built a mansion or two.

5. One Chunk Wooden House

We discovered this simple “one chunk” house built by Atenon. It requires a 16 x 16 block plot. This impressive yet simple house features a full four stories. What’s even more impressive is that one of the floors is a basement. We liked the open design. The basement is large enough for you to put all of your chests in there to keep them safe. It’s a great addition for keeping your chests out of sight to keep your loot safe from the pillagers. We also like the modern and attractive design. If you’re interested in learning more about the one chunk wooden house or just learning about how the basement was built, there’s a tutorial available to walk you through the entire process. You can also find out what kind of materials are needed for the design. We give this design the highest marks out of the five for being the most inspiring. It’s also likely to be one of the easier builds for the benefits you’ll gain from the extra space.

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