20 Beautiful Basement Apartment Ideas

Basement Apartment

Basements are a great addition to homes. The are so many options for using the extra space, but one option will also give you the possibility of earning a little extra cash if you decide on renting it out to a tenant, and that is to flip your basement into a comfortable, livable basement apartment. Basement apartments are great for homeowners who need a totally separate living area for any number of reasons.

Some common reasons you might need a basement apartment, according to hgtv, may include having an elderly parent who plans to move in with you and needs their own space, independent of the main home. A grown child might not be quite ready to move out on their own, but wants a bit of independence. Or, perhaps you want to rent your basement apartment out to a tenant so you can collect rent for a little extra cash in your pocket each month. No matter the reason, we can help you get started on turning your basement into a beautiful apartment.

Get it inspected

Before you venture out and start purchasing things that would make your basement livable space, be sure to get your basement inspected by a licensed contractor to be sure it’s dry and there are no problems with leaks. Building codes need to be up to par, too, before you can start renovating your basement into an apartment space.

Design your apartment blueprint

You may not like the exact setup of your basement as it is and will need to make some structural changes in order to make it suitable for an apartment home. Walls may need to come down, added, or be moved, and windows might need to added for sufficient light. Space may need to be divvied up better to create rooms like a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Working with a licensed contractor to plan out how the apartment will look and flow will help you create the most out of your space.

Choose your materials

A big part of designing a beautiful basement apartment is choosing beautiful materials that will not only be functional, but create a breathtaking space for your tenant. Your flooring is an important component to your apartment and thought should be given to the type of flooring you’ll use depending on your home’s location, whether you live in a wet or dry climate.

Basement’s are the lowest point of a home and may be more prone to moisture issues, so consider this when deciding on tile, carpet, hardwood or laminate flooring. Kitchen materials include cabinetry and counter tops. Dumpster Rental inc recommends keeping things on the lighter side by using more neutral tones, especially for smaller, darker basement spaces. Choose lighter, airier hues in your materials to help open up the space and give it more visual square footage. If your basement apartment is on the larger side, however, some darker shades of woods and other materials, can help to cozy-up larger, less quaint spaces.


Basements sometimes need help with light when natural light is not as readily available. Using multiple layers of lighting in a basement apartment can really brighten the space and give your tenant many options for lighting their home. Recessed lighting mixed with overhead lights, such as a beautiful chandelier in the bedroom, can provide brighter light for completing tasks or lighting bigger areas. Hanging tea lights over a bar in the kitchen give added light for meals at the counter, or simply add a beautiful ambiance to your kitchen space. Add wall sconces to areas around darker doorways or hallways.

According to total basement finishing, you can really increase the value of your home by converting your basement into a beautiful apartment whether you plan to have it occupied on a regular basis, or fill it with a tenant on an as-needed-basis. It’s so profitable for your home’s value, in fact, that realtors have deemed basement apartments the number one home improvement task a homeowner can do.

For some great ideas for turning your basement into an apartment in your home, take a look at the following 20 beautiful basement apartment ideas to get inspired for your own basement flipping venture.

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