10 Basement Designs That are Trending in 2019

Basements are great additions to a home. Sometimes they come in the form of a bare bones type of space, meaning it is not readily finished and it’s up to you to design and finish it the way you want, while other basements may be partially or completely finished when you move in. Either way, turning your basement into the basement of your dreams can mean a number of different things for different homeowners, whether it be an extra space for storage, a home office, a playroom for the kids, or a mancave where you can get away with your buddies for a little game-time and hangout for you and your guy friends. Basements can also increase the value of your home, especially if it’s finished and functions as a specific purpose for the home. If you’re looking to transform your basement into a usable and functional space for your home, then take a look at 10 Basement designs that are trending in 2019 for your basement inspiration.

1. Walkout basements are trending in 2019

Being able to walk out of your basement to the yard, a patio, your swimming pool, or any other outdoor area is a great feature to have with your basement. If you have your basement designed with doors that lead to an outdoor area, then you are already up with the trending basement design ideas for this upcoming year. Walkout basements have been considered a plus for many years, especially because basements are known to be on the dark and dreary sides when it comes to a home, so having an open side of the basements with doors and windows can add a lot of extra light to the space, and not just any light, but natural light. If you don’t already have a walkout style basement, it’s not too late to do something about it. Walkouts can be created with some remodeling, which can also increase the value of your home.

2. Entertain friends and family with a game room

Everyone loves to play games, and you can play all your favorite games in your very own basement when you turn your basement into the coolest game room on the street. The basement is a popular space to add a ping pong or air hockey table, a dart board, and especially a billiards table. But whatever your game favorites are, a game room for family and friends is one of the most popular choices for how to use a basement nowadays.

3. A home gym is a great addition

With the health and fitness craze still at an all-time high today, gyms are consistently seeing high membership enrollments. Of course gyms are a great way to get motivated to stay healthy, however, not everyone enjoys paying the dues to belong to one, and not everyone has the extra time to drive to a gym, especially if it’s far from home. If you love the idea of using a gym but don’t care for the dues or care to make the time to get out and go to one, then here’s a great idea for you and your basement space. Why not turn your basement into your own personal home gym? You can create the perfect gym for your needs right in your basement, whether it’s a big, luxurious gym with all the latest gym equipment, or just a simple workout area where you can workout with your favorite exercise devices in privacy, and all without having to leave your house.

4. Home bars are popular basement designs in 2019

If you love to kickback and relax with a drink or two after work, on the weekends, or any other time but don’t particularly like to hit the bars anymore, one way you can have the best of both is to create your own home bar in your basement. Home bars are a very popular trend for basements today, and they can add great value to your home when it comes time to sell. You can create a different design look for you bar that differs from the rest of your home’s decor, or you can keep the same look and feel and extend your home’s decor down to the basement and incorporate it into your basement bar. A home bar in your basement can be as simple or as elaborate as you want depending on your ideas and budget. Have fun and relax with friends at game time or anytime when you have your own beverage station and stocked bar in your basement.

5. Open concepts are still big in 2019

Most homeowners know what the term “open concept” means when it comes to home floor plans. Well, not only are open concepts the most popular main home layouts, but they’re also the latest trend for basements now, too. Rather than having a living area look and feel choppy with doors and walled-off areas, keeping a space more open can help to visually enlarge the space and give it a more spacious feel. With an open concept basement you can still find ways to break the room up into separate usable areas by using furniture arranging techniques or add a few room dividers to give you separate usable areas but still retain an open concept appeal.

6. Design the ultimate lounging space

Living rooms have typically been the main lounging area in most homes, however, some people would prefer to have a separate room where they could really kick back, relax, and really lounge without having to be in the center of the home. This is where a basement can come in handy for those who have one. One of the latest trends for basement owners today is to turn their basement space into a warm and welcoming lounging area filled with cozy and inviting pieces of furniture that make you feel totally at home to lounge all you want.

7. Create an ultimate storage space

Everyone could use a little extra storage space, especially those who have big families where there always seems to be more stuff than there’s room for on the main living floors. Getting organized and packing things away where you can get to them easily can seem like a daunting task, but if you have a basement, this can be the perfect space to turn into a super cool storage area. Built-in storage units and beautiful cabinetry will not only make your basement look stylish, but it all can keep your stored items more organized, too. So, if you aren’t sure what you want to use your basement space for, turning that empty space into a well-organized storage space is a one of the most popular ways homeowners are finding to use their basements today.

8. Design a separate theater room

There are a million different ways to design your own personal theater where you can gather with friends and family for movie night. What a great idea for the movie buff family who enjoys the look and feel of a real theater, but prefers to kick back in their own home to catch a good flick – not to mention, save on the costs of a real night out at the movies. If movies are one of your passions, why not turn your basement, or even a portion of your basement, into a movie theater where you can enjoy the whole movie experience right from your own home?

9. Make it an extension of your main home

Basements are unique spaces in that they can be as separate from the main living area in the way you utilize it and decorate it, or they can be a beautiful extension of your main living space above. Many people like to keep the flow going from the upstairs down to the basement. It’s actually one of the most popular trends for basements heading into the new year. If you don’t have a specific idea of what to do with your basement, don’t worry, you can always just create a space that can be an extension of your upstairs living quarters and all you need to do to keep the look and feel of the rest of your home flowing into the basement is to extend your same mode of decor downstairs by continuing with the same color schemes, same choice in furniture style, flooring and other decor elements. You’ll feel like you are seamlessly flowing from one area to another with an easy transition.

10. Create a separate sleeping quarters

If you would love to have an extra bedroom in your home to accommodate friends and family, a basement is the perfect additional space that can be converted into an extra sleeping quarters. You can turn an area of your basement into a private room and add all the luxuries of a bedroom so that friends and family can stay over for holidays and other occasions without disrupting your sleeping arrangements on your main living levels upstairs. Whether you decide on a large and luxurious room for your basement bedroom, or a simple sleeping quarters, you’ll having this option to offer your guests.

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