The Five Best Space Heaters for Your Basement

It is time for the holidays, and your relatives have decided to visit you and stay for a few days. While the three-bedroom apartment you live in is enough for you and your kids, hosting another family will demand utilizing every square-footage of your house. Luckily, the ever overlooked basement that has been used as your storage unit has more than enough space to act as a guest bedroom. As you spend some time cleaning it, you realize that it is cold and no one would be comfortable. Using a space heater is an ideal way to keep your guests warm during their stay. If you are wondering which to buy, let’s share the five best space heaters for your basement, and you can pick the one that suits your needs.

DeLonghi TRD40615E

This DeLonghi heater is a radiant heater, not a direct heater; therefore, it takes a while to heat a room, but once the room is warm, it remains at that temperature. Frequent door opening can temporarily reduce the temperature, but it will go up to the original after a while. It is best for heating a small basement with the manufacturer limiting it to 144 square feet. You can set it on a timer for up to 12 hours when you want it to turn off. According to Amazon, once you set the desired temperature, you cannot change it. Although some users have complained of the clicking thermostat sound, they are not as loud, mostly if the power level is set to Eco or Middle. The Eco mode is ideal if you are conscious about your power usage. Besides, the pipes in your basement are not at risk of bursting because the safety features that include anti-freezing setting, prevents freezing pipes. The thermal cutoff cuts off electricity supply should the heater reach a temperature that is unsafe for operation.

Dr Infrared DR-968 Heater

Dr Infrared ensures that you save on your electric bills by efficiently supplying you with heat without using up more power. It reduces the loss of heat through transfer by heating objects instead of air. It also has removable filters that make regular and easy cleaning to ensure that it serves you for a long time. It can heat a large room, and even if you want to warm a specific spot, it is portable. This space heater is ideal for someone who keeps forgetting to turn it off and on; even when you are in bed, you can adjust the settings remotely. You can also set it on a programmable timer to shut off when it reaches the specified number of hours. If your guests have a baby no need to worry about waking the child up with the noise because the high-pressure blower, which enables faster heating of the room, barely produces any sound.

Lifesmart 6 Element Infrared Space Heater

This is the go-to heater when safety is a priority, especially when you have children. According to the Ozone Hole, it has tip-over protection in case the heater is knocked over, and it also shuts off automatically upon reaching 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the mischief of kids, the safety lock secures it to prevent them from breaking into it. Since it is portable, you can carry it to the basement and only use it when the need arises, making it efficient by heating the room, and not the entire house. Efficient is also enabled by the heater using infrared light wavelengths to heat objects, not the air, which helps to maintain the desired humidity. Besides, since it uses infrared light wavelengths, an environmentally-conscious person will appreciate the lack of fossil fuels, thus the cleaner air. It also comes with a remote for convenient operations.

Homegear Infrared Electric Space Heater

It boasts heating a room measuring up to 500 square feet, and according to Don’t Waste Your Money, it is quite affordable even for those living on a tight budget. The plastic should not fool you into thinking that it will easily break; this heater is very durable, and best of all, it remains cool to the touch, which helps to protect curious children. The ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certification should also ease your mind on safety. Its small size and portability make it perfect for placing in any suitable spot that will not hinder movement. Besides, the light weight of 11.5 pounds makes it easy to carry around since it does not have wheels. However, you should note that the cord is only 71 inches long, which can limit its placement depending on the socket’s location. You can choose to manually or remotely adjust the temperature to the desired setting, thanks to the digital display.

Pelonis Electronic Portable Safe Heater

Sleep Advisor rates this Pelonis space among the best for use in the basement, saying it is both comfort and heat in one device. It has an ABS-resistant material, and an overheat protection that guarantees you of safety. It has a programmable timer to turn it off when it gets to a specific temperature, but the maximum is 24 hours. Its very accurate thermostat that does not keep clicking loudly ensures you get a goodnight’s sleep or uninterrupted peace if the basement is your working space. The only noise it produces is when you are adjusting the temperature manually or remotely. It also heats the room fairly quickly, making it an asset when the weather keeps shifting. Its heat can go up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than enough to keep you from developing frostbite. Its main downside is that it can only be used in a room measuring at most 160 square feet. The main upsides are the low price that makes it affordable and the dimension that enables it to be carried to whichever place you find suitable.

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