10 Different Styling Options for a Finished Basement

A basement is a great addition to a home if you make it a usable space. It can give you the added room for a wide range of ideas, from extra sleeping quarters, that home gym you’ve always wanted, a cool gaming room or home theater, even a mancave for the man-of-the-house where he can hang out with his buddies and watch the big games of the season. No matter what you decide to convert your basement space into, setting up your basement space with a style in mind will make it much more enjoyable and inviting when you spend time in it. Depending on what you plan to use your basement for will help you to decide how to style it. You may want to keep with the same style ideas from the main level, or go off on a completely different look for the lowest level of your home, and give it its own identity. How much space you have to work with can also influence how you decide to style your basement, so if you need some good ideas on what you can do in your basement space, then keep scrolling because we have 10 different styling options for a finished basement that may help you gain some ideas of your own.

1. Quaint, colorful and cozy

Basements are often thought of as cold, drab, and boring. Well, they could be, but they can also be bright and airy, depending on your style choices for your basement’s design elements. Finished basements can be turned into just as beautiful of a space as any room in your home and as you can see in the photo above, this basement room looks anything but cold, dingy and dreary. Brightly painted white walls, along with the exposed, white ceiling beams give the room an instant feel of open and airy. Natural light let in from the window adds to the cheeriness as well as the bright, bold colors used in the room’s decor pieces. Red and gray are always a great color combination and when you add white into the mix, you can really make the colors pop. The room is set up in a cozy setting for relaxing in front of the TV that hangs on a unique wood partial wall. A small modern style table and chair in bold red give you added seating and a great place to sit with a cup of coffee or snack while visiting or watching your show. Quaint, colorful and cozy is a great design idea for a finished basement.

2. Create multiple usable areas

When a basement is designed with multiple areas of usable space, breaking the spaces up into multi-purpose areas is a great way to get more use out of your basement. A warm, comfortable seating area can be a great way to utilize one area, while another section can be set up to function as a game room, office, or home gym. A simple column can be enough to give a clear division in the space, or add a halfway or room divider to make the distinction. You can also separate areas clearly with a break in paint colors, using color complimentary color combos adds fluidity to the room.

3. Budget basement style

Not all basements are loaded with space. Some basement areas are small and lack in adequate square footage to anything too major with the space. Despite the small space to work with, you can still create a warm and welcoming area to retreat to for relaxing with a good book, watching TV or a good movie, or hanging out with a few friends. In a small square area, using minimalist style furniture can help keep the area looking and feeling larger than it is. An L-shaped sofa along a corner wall will help to keep the floor space open. A couple of stylish ottomans can be multi-functional. You can find ottomans that are designed for extra seating, storage and make-shift coffee tables. A soft, cozy area rug can warm up the space, both physically and visually.

4. Create a statement wall

Most people recognize the term, “focal point.” It’s a term that is often used in home decor and basically means, something that stands out in a room and catches the attention of anyone that walks into the room. Focal points can be an object, such as a piece of furniture, a large piece of art, a beautiful ceiling fan or chandelier, or it can be an entire wall. One way to style your basement is to create an entire wall that acts as a bold statement by differing from the other walls around it, and there are literally endless ways you can do this. One idea is to use beautiful stone or brick for an entire wall, or perhaps you prefer a gorgeous wood wall that has a beautiful stain and finish that makes the room POP! You can hang a piece of art on the wall, or maybe the wood wall happens to be the best wall in the room where you showcase your beautiful big screen TV.

5. Exposed Industrial style basement

If you think an industrial style decor has to feel cold and impersonal, you would be wrong. Industrial style home decor can be warm and inviting, and its a great way to style a finished basement. Take a look at the exposed duct workin the ceiling. Yes, they look like they could be heating a warehouse, but they are anything but cold, unattractive and uninviting. The warm brown tones throughout the room, from the ceiling to the plush brown L-shaped sofa and warm shag carpet help to warm the space from the minute you step in. Retro-style furniture pieces bring a touch of modernism to the room, and to finish off the industrial look, an industrial-style wall helps create a focal point for the room while nicely offsetting the exposed industrial ceiling.

6. Concrete styled basement

You may not have a whole lot of money to spend on a big, complete remodel of your basement, or you may simply love the look of concrete and decide it’s the style you prefer for your basement area. The use off concrete as a finished decor theme is very popular in homes today, from concrete floors, to walls, and even furniture pieces. You can use the concrete blocks in your basement walls to help get a flow of a concrete styled basement going. Adding some texture to the concrete or stain to give it more character and style is one way to go. Some art and cozy furniture pieces in warm, inviting colors can totally give your basement a unique style that doesn’t have to break your budget.

7. Rustic style basement retreat

Rustic designs are trending big, no matter where you live. You don’t have to live in a country style ranch or cabin to design a beautiful rustic style look for your basement. For the avid hunter, a basement is the perfect place to create a wall to display your game trophies. Wood-planked ceilings and walls,  wood or tiled flooring, copper or wrought-iron light fixtures, and plenty of leather, are all natural elements that compliment the rustic design perfectly. If your basement is already equipped with a fireplace or ability to install one, consider a beautiful stone design to add an even more rustic allure

8. Classic warm leather and neutral tones

Classic designs in a basement are always popular. Many homeowners love the look and feel of carpet in the basement to help warm up a room that can sometimes feel less homey than the main living spaces upstairs. If you prefer to keep the flow of your classic decor theme from your main living spaces, flowing into the basement, try using neutral tones throughout. Neutral tones don’t go out of style and are always warm and  inviting. A classic leather sofa and ottoman are simple yet elegant, and can seat many people when entertaining in your basement, or it makes for a great lounge for two when curling up to watch a good movie on your big screen.

9. Masculine basement design

Not all basements are owned by couples, or only the man of the house plans to spend thee majority of the time downstairs. In this case, taking a masculine approach to your basement design could be a great option. Classic masculine colors tend to be dark, rich colors, like deep shades of blues, grays, black, and browns. If there’s space for a home bar off to one area of the room, most men would jump on the chance to design one for the nights their hanging with the guys and watching the game, or getting their music jam on. Whatever your forte, creating a focal wall displaying your favorite sports team memorabilia, musical instruments, or any other masculine hobby collectibles is a great way to create a conversation piece, and decor theme to work around for the rest of the room.

10. Basement media room design

Who wouldn’t love to have their own home theater right in their basement? Going to the movies has gotten more expensive over time, it can be a big ordeal to get the whole family a great row of seats together, not to mention they’re not always the most comfortable, and spending money on snacks can really put a dent in the wallet. If you love movies but get tired of the hassle, here’s a simple home theater design that isn’t too extravagant, yet it’s elegant. The look and feel of this home theater is simple, classic, and beautiful with the neutral tones paired with black accents. A couple of plush, comfy lounges, a table for sharing snacks and drinks, and you’ve got the perfect movie night without ever having to leave home.

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