The Top Five Kayak Storage Ideas

Water sports are at the top of the list of favorite outdoor pastimes, and out of three of the most popular, which include canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking, it is kayaking that draws the most participation. There are as many as 13 million people each year who indulge themselves in the sport and a high percentage of these participants own their own kayak. If you have the luxury of owning any of the various types of kayaks then you are already familiar with the challenges of storing the water-going vessels. They are large and cumbersome and can easily consume a lot of your garage or shed space. Kayaks can be a costly investment and like anything you invest your money in, you want to take care of it so it’s ready to hit the water when you are. When it comes to storage options for your kayak, there are several you can choose from, including gadgets that hoist them up to the ceiling, to free-standing racks. If you’re looking for the best storage idea for your kayak(s), then take a look at these. These are the top five kayak storage ideas, and we think you’re bound to find one that will work for you.

1. Ceiling hoisting system

Of course you don’t want your kayaks just sitting on the ground. You want to keep them off the ground as much as possible, and keeping them covered and out of the elements is even better. But let’s face it, whether you have a two-car garage, basement or shed, it’s hard to find the space to just set a kayak out of the way. One great option is to hoist the kayak up and out of the way with a pulley hoisting system. The system can hold up to 125 lbs. and it keeps the kayak snug up against the ceiling so you retain all your garage floor space for your automobiles and other items. When it comes time to hit the water, simply ease your kayak down with the pulley system and it’s ready to load and go.

2. Wall racks

If you’re one who prefers to stash your kayaks closer to the ground but don’t quite have the square footage to keep them on a floor rack, a wall rack can be a great way to keep your kayak out of the way, and off the ground. These racks give you some versatility since they can bolt to just about anywhere that has the strength to hold the kayak. Wall racks are shaped like large hooks and hold your kayak on its side, whether you hang them on a garage wall, a shed or basement wall, even a sturdy fence can be an option.

3. Kayak stand

A stand is pretty basic, but many people choose this storage option when they’ve got extra space in a basement or shed that allows for something like a large kayak to consume some floor space. If you keep your kayak covered well, you may even choose to keep it stored on a stand in your yard, but you will definitely want to invest in a good kayak cover if you do plan to store it out of doors. Kayak

4. Kayak storage shed

If you like DIY projects, building your own kayak storage shed might be a good option for you. No matter how many kayaks you have, you can make the shed as simple or as elaborate as you want, or you can purchase pre-made sheds that can house your kayaks when they’re not being used. Storage sheds are a great way to keep your kayaks out of the harsh elements so it stays in better condition year round.

5. Free-standing rack

These are convenient if you own one, two, or more kayaks. Free-standing racks store your kayaks in a side-tilt position and they’re great for those who may need to move their kayaks around at times. The stands are easy to move from one location to another without the hassles of removing bolts and other hardware. Planning on a weekend camping and kayaking trip? You can even pack a free-standing rack to go so you can store your kayaks at the end of the when they’re not being used. You can find a wide range of types of free-standing racks, from wood to metal, and if you’re handy enough, you could probably build one yourself.

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