20 Beautiful Rooms Featuring Marble Wallpaper and Other Faux Finishes

Marble has become all the rage in the last year. We’ve seen it grace the biggest spaces of entire walls to the smallest area of phone case covers. We never even knew that marble could be as diverse as anything—with different designs and color combinations giving it its strength. This has been possible these days with the use of faux materials including faux marble. Marble wallpaper has become a solution for those who love the look of marble but just can’t afford the price tag that comes along with it. Most faux marble these days come with an adhesive back that can be used for easy applying and re-applying. It’s easy to use and extremely affordable, especially in comparison to the real deal. Here are 20 gorgeous rooms that feature marble wallpaper and other faux finishes.

1. Fake marble countertops

Marble wallpaper doesn’t always have to go on walls; in fact, they look amazing as countertop covers, especially for those generic kitchen countertops that come with most apartments.

2. Marble backsplash

Imagine your kitchen with a completely marble backsplash. You can match silver streaks to your kitchen’s stainless steel appliances or do a colorful marble design for a touch of accent in your kitchen.

3. Marble bathroom

Beyond the kitchen, you can have a completely marbled bathroom. Use dark-colored marble wallpaper such as black with white or golden streaks to bring on an elegant feel.

4. Artful hallway

Cover a particular hallway with colorful marble to use as an art piece itself. You can opt out of hanging pictures to really just put the focus on the wall itself. This is great to do if you happen to come a cross a truly unique marble wallpaper.

5. Marble headboard

Fashion yourself a modern-looking headboard by using faux marble wallpaper as a cover or by covering the entire wall behind a bed. It gives a grand effect as soon as you walk into a room.

6. Marble drawers

Cover up your drawers in faux marble wallpaper anywhere in your house—in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even your bedroom. The effect is clean and classic, especially with white marbled designs.

7. Marble doors

Doors can be great accent pieces as well, and marble-covered doors are a great way to enhance a room by getting rid of the usual drab of plain white doors.

8. Marble living room walls

The most common use for marble wallpaper is in living room areas either as an accent wall or all-around. The effects are astounding and absolutely stunning.

9. On the floor

There’s no rule stating that you can’t use wallpaper to cover up ugly linoleum. It’s actually quite smart, as long as you use high-quality wallpaper to cover up light traffic areas.

10. Marble accents

Marble-covered coffee tables, side tables, TV stands, and other furniture add a touch of sophistication to a room without being overdone. It’s a great way to incorporate marble in small pieces.

11. Faux brick wall

If you’re feeling a little country, a rustic brick wall can be a great background for lots of greens. It makes for a great color combination in your home. Bonus points if the faux finish is textured.

12. Faux concrete

Concrete walls are very much in these days, but they’re difficult to achieve. With faux concrete wallpapers, you can get the look of cracked concrete without all the work.

13. Faux driftwood

Driftwood can look amazing in the room if done properly, but don’t bother putting up row by row of wood. Use faux driftwood wallpaper as an easy way to accent an entire wall.

14. Faux steel

If you’re going for the industrial look, faux steel wallpaper is a great way to add that touch. Go for a rusted look to be as authentic as possible.

15. Faux tile

Love the look of tile but hate the work involved? There are tons of faux tile wallpaper designs to appeal to your tastes. The best part about that is when you get tired of the design, you can just peel off your tile designs—not break them off.

16. Faux velvet

The look and feel of velvet on walls is beyond classy. However, velvet walls can be quite expensive. There’s an option for textured faux velvet wallpaper that looks and feels like the real deal, and it won’t break your bank putting it up.

17. Faux wood panels

If wood paneling is what you’re going for, skip the steps of having to put up plank after plank. Faux wood panel wallpaper can give the same effect without the burden of actual paneling.

18. Faux distressed look

You can have the look of distressed metal, distressed wood, or simply distressed paint without having to go through years of actual distressing or even a DIY distress job. There are wallpapers available with the look already perfectly achieved.

19. Faux terrazzo

This is the latest craze in faux finish wallpapers. Terrazzo combines everything into one and makes for one colorful and beautiful finish. Get the look of terrazzo to accent pieces in your home or cover an entire wall or flooring.

20. Faux subway tiles

Subway tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms give a classic and clean look. There are faux subway tile wallpapers that can give you the look for a budget. They’re also a lot easier to maintain.

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