20 Living Rooms Featuring Paintable Wallpaper

A living room should be welcoming. You retreat to the living room to sit and relax, watch TV, entertain, among other tasks. It’s supposed to be functional, yet it is often the room where you showcase some of your most beautiful pieces of décor and furniture. You want it to reflect your lifestyle and style. You want it to be as beautiful as it is functional so that you are drawn to the room because you find it warm and relaxing. Many people start with their walls, when it comes to decorating their living room. It used to be popular to throw some wallpaper on all of the walls, however, over the years, wallpaper lost its luster and people began leaning toward painting their walls to make them more attractive and appealing. With so many paint colors, the design options are limitless. Now, wallpaper is making a comeback, sort of. While it may seem like wallpaper is a wall décor choice of the past and paint colors are what’s in fashion, now you can incorporate the use of both when you use the newest version of wallpaper – paintable wallpaper. It adds texture to those boring walls that even paint can’t seem to liven up. It’s one of the newest trends, and it’s pretty amazing. There are so many ways to decorate your walls with this latest home décor craze. If you think this is a design trend you might like to work with in your living room but want to learn more about this unique design idea, here’s more about paintable wallpaper.

What is paintable wallpaper?

Paintable wallpaper is basically a textured wallpaper. The texture comes in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. It can mimic the look of many different types of materials, such as carved wood, molded plaster, or perhaps you preferred an embossed fabric look on your walls. The wallpaper can be used in any room, from a bedroom, to dining room, even the kitchen. But one of the most popular rooms painted wallpaper is found in, is the living room. The wallpaper can be finished in about any color, which gives any interior room you utilize it, its own personality and custom look.

What’s the difference between painted wallpaper and regular wallpaper? 

While regular wallpapers are typically finished with an oil paint, painted wallpaper is finished with latex because it adheres better to textures. It also has the ability to be hung over walls that aren’t completely smooth or have flaws. This can actually add to the character of the pattern. Regular wallpaper, on the other hand, needs smooth walls to hang right and look good. What is the same between the two, is that like regular wallpaper, you may choose to only have the texture look on one wall as an accent wall, or you can do an entire room with the textured paper.

What to consider when using painted wallpaper

If you have rough or even damaged walls, you may want to choose a pattern or texture that is thicker. It can even cover the grooves in wood paneling to even the wall out. This can be a great solution for homeowners who don’t want to mess with taking down a lot of paneling on the walls or painting them. It will give the appearance that there is no paneling at all, but a smooth, flawless wall behind it. Make a room pop, or just add a minimally textured paper for a more subtle look to the living room. Be creative and go crazy, design a beautiful, friendly and room you’ll love every time you step in it when you use painted wallpaper.

For more ideas, here are 20 living rooms featuring paintable wallpaper to help inspire you.

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