20 Beautiful Examples of a Rustic Living Room

The rustic design theme for homes is one of the most popular because off the natural, relaxed lifestyle it represents. You can’t help but instantly feel at home in a rustic style home and there are plenty of reasons why. Rustic design is compiled of natural elements throughout the theme, using natural elements in your furniture choices, fixtures, and decor pieces. Rustic decor exhibits natural fibers, wood, rock, stone, leather, wrought iron, concrete, and more.  Ultimate Home Ideas lists a number of design ideas that can fall under the Rustic decor theme, and they include, Log Cabin, Farmhouse, Southwester, and Country Living, decor. One of the most relaxed rooms in the home is the living room, and you can turn your living room into a beautiful rendition of rustic living by following a few key tips.

Neutral tones create a natural appeal

A rustic design theme is for those who desire a natural, relaxed, and simplistic lifestyle. Your living room can emphasize all of these, when outfitted in a rustic design. When most people think of a simplistic, natural lifestyle, for most, neutral colors and tones come to mind, colors that remind them of the outdoors. Warm browns, creams, muted, as well as, deep reds are often used. Hues of green, blue, and gray are indigent for a rustic styled room, as well as golden yellows, and black and white. While many of the architectural features in your room may be unfinished and reflect a natural look all on its own, according to The Spruce, you can use all of these colors in combination with each other and integrate them into the room by using them on the walls, floors, furniture pieces, window treatments, fireplace, decor items, and lighting features.

Let the wood shine through

Nothing says rustic “cozy cabin” more than the look of wood. If you’ve been fortunate enough to find a home already ornamented with beautiful wooden beams along the ceiling, then you already have the beginnings of a rustic theme in the works, and nothing completes that package like warm, wooden flooring, or wood beams along a wall. Wood will instantly warm your living room and create a cozy atmosphere, so use any wood features your room has, to your advantage. You may even opt to add wood beams if your home’s architectural design allows for it. Other ways to incorporate the natural look of wood into your room is through your furniture choices. A heavy wood coffee table can anchor your living room, while accent wood tables can be used to pull the natural look of wood together. Mix and match woods, including the look of distressed or aged wood. A set of vintage style side tables or distressed wood sofa table are a charming addition to a room, and very rustic. For a doorway leading off the living room, exchange the original for a reclaimed wooden door to give the room even more authenticity.

Reface your fireplace

Fireplaces are not only a great way to keep warm in the winter, but they are beautiful focal points for your living room, too, however, not all fireplaces are created alike. While brick fireplaces can most definitely work in a rustic living room design, there’s nothing that screams rustic, more than a beautiful, natural stone fireplace. Stacked stoned fireplaces are a perfect way to add warmth and charm to your rustic living room design. Talk Decor discusses the different looks of the ageless and elegant look of stacked stone. Depending on the style of rustic design you choose, you can reface your fireplace to fit the motif of your room, from light colored stone, to deep, rich gray hues.

Light fixtures

Wrought iron is an iconic look for a rustic design. Incorporating wrought iron into your living room can be done with a stunning wrought iron chandelier that hangs over the main sitting area, or a pair of wrought iron table lamps. Lantern style wall sconces are a great way to set off a door way leading to a hall, and a rustic style floor lamp is a great way to light up a dark corner of the room. Dark, rich fixtures paired with lighter shade covers can give you a balance in the use of neutral tones.

Add rustic decor elements

Rich colors and materials are all part of the rustic look. Find ways to incorporate rustic designs and patterns in your room by adding a thick, plush area rug over your wood floor, and tossing a few throw pillows decked in deep, rich tones and a rustic pattern on the sofa and accent chairs. A rustic living room isn’t complete without a beautifully woven throw on the sofa to cozy-up with on a chilly night. Shop antique stores and vintage flea markets for great rustic decorating finds, or try your hand at a few DIY projects to create your own rustic elements to add to the charm of your living room. For more inspirational ideas, take a look at these 20 beautiful examples of a rustic living room.

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