10 Trending Living Room Colors for 2019

Retreating to your home at the end of a long day should be something you look forward to. When you step into your home, the world and its problems should melt away, and you should feel nothing but relaxation all around you. One way to encourage a calm and relaxing feeling in your home is by choosing a color palette that not only reflects your style, but a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Colors can make a room feel just the way you want to feel, all while giving it character and personality. Keeping up with the latest, trending decor colors is important to a lot of homeowners, and we know just the colors that are going to be the hottest colors for your home this year. If you’re looking to update a room this year and give it a color makeover, take a look at 10 trending room colors for 2019.

1. Earthy Orange

The theme of this year’s most popular colors tend to run in neutral and earthy tones. Getting back to the basics in life and getting in touch with nature is a great way to spend your time in your own home. These relaxing and reflective colors all have a way of warming you with their calming nature. Earthy orange is a color that may remind you of different colors used in various ethnics. Earth orange works well with black and cream, and shades of brown and beige.

2. Roller

Roller is one of those warm gray tones that is considered to be a neutral tone. Some may think of the color of a pebble and it is a great choice of color for those who have a bold-phobia. If dark colors make you nervous but you want more than a white wall, meet yourself halfway and go for a shade like Roller. You can use hints of bolder colors in your accent pieces to really help make this gray hue stand out on your living room walls. For a more dramatic feel, paint your ceiling a darker gray create a focal wall by painting it a dark, contrast color.

3. Clay

When you think of clay, you think earthy thoughts, which is exactly the look you are probably going for if you choose this color for your walls. Similar to taupe, the color is rich and bold, yet brings a neutral feel to the room. Clay warms any sized living room and is an easy color to work with when it comes to pairing other colors with it. Black, white and shades of white, yellow, reds, and many other hues are great contrast colors and can really make your clay walls Pop!

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is another one of those delicious sounding colors that might even get your hunger juices flowing when you’re relaxing in its presence. The warmth of the color can be felt the minute you step into the room. When paired with cream and off white, you have a great color combination that gives the room a beautiful neutral look and feel. Black is another color that is often paired with shades of chocolate, along with red and yellows.

5. White

It’s classy and elegant – it’s the color white, and it will always be one of the most popular colors to see on walls in homes across the world. White may feel too sterile to many people, but when used in the right context, you can make white actually appear to be full of rich tones. White pairs with so many colors that you can create just about any look you want, and it works with so many different decor themes that it doesn’t matter what your favorite style of decor is, you can make white work with your furniture and accessory choices. If you don’t want your walls to be strikingly white, tone it down a bit with a different shade of white – they’re all trending this year.

6. Aqua Mint

Aqua mint is a calming hue and versions of this color is often used in medical facilities to help calm anxious patients down. It’s known to lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate and help relax your breathing. Aqua mint is a popular color going into the new year, 2019, and it’s no wonder, since it easily pairs with so many other colors, including red, which happens to be its polar opposite. If love to spend time in retrospective thought, try a little aqua mint on the walls in your living room and get in touch with your inner self.

7. Monaco Blue

You’ll instantly feel the warmth and comfort of this color when you walk into a living room with Monaco blue surrounding you. Like an old pair of denim jeans, it just feels right, and just about anything goes with this color, so finding complimentary colors and accessories is easy to do. You will want to spend all your time wrapped up in this deep, warm hue all year long, especially since it is definitely going to be one of the hottest colors this year.

8. French Vanilla

Like a delicious bowl of ice cream, French Vanilla just screams, Yummy! Even when it’s painted on your walls. French Vanilla boasts a tinge of yellow, which is why it was often found in a baby’s room as a neutral tone for boy or girl, but today, French Vanilla is migrating to other rooms in the home, including the Living room. It adds a bit of elegance and when paired with white trim, it really pops. Add some hints of black or blues into the mix in accessories and fabrics and you have a color combo that will turn your living room into your favorite, dreamy room.

9. Ballerina Pink

Gone are the days where pink was thought of as “girly” color that was too feminine to put on any other wall but a little girl’s bedroom wall. No, pink is a color that is being viewed in the list of neutral tones and can be found in rooms all throughout the house, including in living rooms. As a matter-of-fact, this is one of the most trending colors for 2019 and you will probably be seeing it a lot more as word gets around that having pink walls is the “in” thing now.

10. Hazelnut

Hazelnuts are delicious to eat, and it’s a delicious color on your living room wall. The natural hue of Hazelnut will quickly put you at ease and welcome you when you step in the room. There’s nothing like feeling like a part of nature in your home, which many people enjoy. After a crazy day out in the world, it’s nice to come home to a place where you feel calm and relaxed, and if a color can do that for you, why not slather your walls in it and wrap yourself up in it?

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