10 Features that Define Today’s Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room Idea

Designing a home today can be a lot of fun. There are so many different styles and trends to consider that everyone can be satisfied in the end as long as they do a bit of planning. One of the areas of your home that deserves a great deal of attention is that of the living room. You want to make this a place that you can be comfortable, yet that also makes a statement. It is the one place in your home where friends and family can join you to create lasting memories. You want it to be warm and inviting, yet you also want it to reflect your own personality and style. One of the possibilities that you may want to consider is the modern living room. Here are 10 features that define this style of a living room and a description of what each can bring to your home.

1. Plantation Shutters

Shun the drapes and go with some plantation shutters. These are elegant and refined. Many people in urban areas are going with these, as they do the job of keeping people from looking in your windows while not being as cumbersome as curtains. You can choose from a variety of colors, but white is always a good choice. This creates a bright and airy feel to the living room, which is what you are looking for. Plantation shutters also have the added impact of having curb appeal. While drapes are very individualistic, shutters can fit in with the design taste of many people.

2. Floor Lamp With Tripod Shape

You do not want to have just any old lamp in your modern living room. You want something with character. That would be a tripod floor lamp. While this has been in living rooms for years, it is just as elegant as ever. You will find that this style of lamp adds just the right amount of light to the room while making a profound statement at the same time. You can put it at the end of the sofa. The side does not matter. You can go with a neutral lampshade, or go with some color. Better yet, you can buy several different shads and then switch them out periodically.

3. A Chesterfield Sofa

Just about every living room will need a sofa, so you will want to take some time in choosing yours. For the modern living room, the Chesterfield sofa is a good choice. It is fashionable and is often seen in lounges and traditional hotels. You will love the clean lines that it brings to the room, and it is also a comfortable place to relax. You can go with tan leather, or go with something more bold like a raspberry pink. Just choose something that fits in with the color scheme that you have in mind.

4. A Retro-Looking Sideboard

Fill up some of the space in your modern living room with a sideboard. This is a great way to store some of the items that you might need all the time. Go with a retro look and you will have something that can be pleasing to the eye for years to come.

5. A Leather Club Armchair

Create a members only look to your modern living room by adding a leather club armchair into the mix. This is a classic piece of furniture that still looks great today. The great thing about this piece of furniture is that it tends to look better with age. As you look for one for your own living room, look for one that it is a bit battered.

6. An Over the Mantel Mirror of a Decorative Nature

If you have a mantel, you will want something to fill in the space over the top. A great selection is a mirror that contains a bit of decoration. This not only makes the room look bigger, but it puts some extra design into the mantel and makes it more of the centerpiece that it was designed to be.

7. A Picture Cluster

If you take a look around your living room and it looks a bit ordinary, consider adding in a picture cluster. This is a way to make your personality shine through. Consider some sort of theme that defines who you are and then go looking for a series of pictures that fit in well with that.

8. A Crystal Chandelier

The crystal chandelier is not out of style. It is a great way to add some character to a modern living room. It will also make the room bright and cheery at night when you are sitting around having a nice conversation with family or friends.

9. A Persian Rug

Many homes today are going all tile or wood with the floor. Add in a bit of ambiance with a Persian rug. There are many different styles to choose from and it will really turn your modern living room into something extra special.

10. A Moroccan Pouf

No matter how comfortable your living room is, it always seems that you are lacking a place to prop up your feet. You want to have something that fits in with the decor, yet it is not so big and bulky as to take away from the look of the place. This is where a Moroccan pouf can come in quite handy. It definitely fits in with the modern living room. It is both simple and compact. You can use them a variety of different types of living rooms. One option is to have a pair of leather poufs resting on the floor next to your sofa. The look will be as unique as it is creative.

Which of these features will you incorporate into your living room? When going with the modern look, it is important to choose items that reflect who you are as a family. Remember that this is an area where you will spend a lot of time. Make it visually appealing and comfortable. If you do, then you will be happy with the design for years to come.

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