20 Beautiful Examples of French Country Living Rooms

french country living room

French Country design is a warm, welcoming, comfortable, yet elegant decor theme that has been around for centuries, and if you are trying to get an idea in your mind what this looks like, picture the American version of rustic design and you’re on the right track. While many people may think that French Country is too floral, busy, or eclectic, that is just not the case. This simple, yet elegant design theme boasts lots of neutral and warm tones, and lots of natural materials to create a room that gives you the feeling you’ve been transported to a beautiful living room in the French countryside. Take a look at a few tips that can help you transform your own living room.

Color scheme

Start with a well-planned color palette. Your color palette should consist of warm, neutral tones as your base color. According to Elledecor.com, walls can fall anywhere in the soft yellow, tan, or shades of creamy tones. Next on the list are your accent colors. Elledecor suggests keeping your accent colors inline with colors you would see in a traditional French Country home. Colors that follow this scheme include rustic shades of red, such as traditional rust, rustic blue, antique white, and other shades that keep with the rustic look.


Natural materials are seen all through a true French Country home, from plenty of wood, stone, plaster and tile. Plastered walls that boast a rough staining or painting technique set the the mood for the room.  The Spruce says one way to give your room a more authentic look is to add chunky, weathered wooden ceiling beams, and of course, nothing says French Country like a beautiful natural stone fireplace on a focal wall. If you prefer, you may choose brick for your fireplace construction, but add a hefty wood mantle to complete the look. Wool and cotton are also found in this decor theme which either can be used as a beautiful floor rug or throws for your sofa. Don’t forget that leather is a natural material and works very well in a French Country living room; especially when it’s a weathered leather sofa, which is an excellent way to add a rustic element to the room.

Furniture style

At Houzz.com, you’ll learn more details about French Country furniture design, but if you want to start collecting pieces for your own living room, consider hitting vintage shops, antique dealers and other places where you have a greater chance of finding aged, or pieces with history behind them. French Country is not about purchasing brand new pieces right out of a store, so if authenticity is important, stick to the rule of, old-but-elegant. Many furnishings in this decor theme are on the border of functional yet elegant, and they certainly don’t always have to match as a set. Create your own living room set out of multiple mix-matched pieces that marry well yet aren’t a picture-perfect set. Choose pieces that have a distressed or aged look to add old-world charm, and the look and feel of an era long ago.


Here’s the really fun part of decorating any room, adding the accessories that will tie everything together to complete the look you desire. Accessories in a French Country living room should follow suit with using natural materials. Consider decor items that are made of iron, copper, wood, glass, even items that are straight from the garden, like herbs and fresh country flowers. House Beautiful has some great ideas for accessory pieces that fit the French Country theme. Large wall hanging clocks, an iron chandelier and a collection of handwoven baskets are a good start to completing your look. A beautiful ceramic pitcher and vase set on a corner table is very French Country, along with copper pots and vintage lamps on your side tables. Add a few patterned throw pillows to your sofa or large, plush chair and you have a beautiful sitting area.

Everyone has their own specific taste when it comes to a decor theme, and with so many versions and ideas, you are sure to put together a beautiful French Country living room that showcases your very own, specific taste. To give you more ideas on French Country living rooms, take a look at the following 20 beautiful examples of French Country living rooms to help inspire your living room transformation.

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