20 Scandinavian Design Living Room Ideas

Scandinavian design is one of the most clean and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of any design types. The use of natural elements, functional furniture pieces and light and airy colors are what makes this look so pleasing and so comfortable to be surrounded in. Scandinavian design can be used in any home space, and the living room is one of the most popular rooms to incorporate the look. You can create a very simplistic, yet homey feeling in the room where you love to spend quality time with your friends, family, or just alone, relaxing and retreating from the rest of the world. So where do you begin when you want to re-design your living room into a Scandinavian haven? Here are some ideas to get you going.

Keep it natural

Scandinavian is all about everything natural; natural colors, natural materials, and natural visual effects. Neutral tones of white, tan, brown, cool gray, black, and yellow, are all popular Scandinavian colors, however, black on white, or cool gray and white are the most common color combos found in a Scandinavian room. Materials are typically all-natural materials that don’t boast of elaborate patterns or colors.


When it comes to flooring, wood is the most popular flooring used in this design. Carpet never took off in the Scandinavian style, so to keep with tradition, install wood floors in your living room. For larger living rooms, add a Scandinavian design area rug to give the room a bit of flair and warmth.


Furniture is streamlined with neat, clean and sleek lines. Form and function are the main focus of a Scandinavian design, so to keep with the true look of Scandinavian life, avoid furniture pieces that are too ornate or have patterned materials. The colors stay in the same scale of neutral colors and can range in materials, from wood, to leather, to metal, and even plush, overstuffed chairs. Tables are often seen in wood, but can be any material, so long as it is sleek and simplistic in design.

Add décor pieces

You can add your personal touches around the room with art and décor pieces, keeping in mind that Scandinavian design is a simplistic and minimalist design. Overcrowding your room with knick knacks and other clutter, takes away from the Scandinavian look.

For more ideas, here are 20 Scandinavian design living room ideas to help give your inspiration.

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