How to Choose the Right Centerpiece for Your Living Room

It can be a toss-up as to which room in your home draws the most traffic. Is it your kitchen, or  your living room? As much time that is spent in your living room, and if you’re like most people, you probably want it to be a beautiful example of your taste and lifestyle. Because the sitting area in a living room is typically the most notable area of the room, it’s the spot where most people want to draw the attention of anyone that walks into the room. And you can do this by creating a beautiful focal point on your coffee table, sofa table, or console table. Centerpieces can range from just about anything that you can imagine; from a flower arrangement to a statue, or decor pieces arranged in a stylish way. You may prefer a more traditional centerpiece, or maybe you love to be creative and think out-of-the-box with a totally unique idea. Whatever suits you, create a centerpiece that gives your living room a Wow! factor and a focal point that makes a statement for your living room. Here are some creative ideas for centerpieces for your living room.

Baskets and trays

There are endless things you can come up with to design a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table and baskets and trays are some of the most popular basic items you can start with. Set a basket or tray on the coffee table filled with your favorite items; arrange the basket with fresh or artificial flowers, a plant, or a couple of chunky candles surrounded by an assortment of sea shells in a beautiful display. Stack your favorite books or magazines in a nice display next to a beautiful flower arrangement in a crystal vase or an artificial flower arrangement. Or set a glass bowl with sweet smelling potpourri on a tray with a favorite book and a candle for added character.

Book crazy

For book lovers. stacking books in a unique display accompanied by a couple candles in beautiful votives can be a beautiful but also warm-feeling centerpiece since books indicate a more relaxed and sometimes, romantic novelty. It shows a piece of who you are; someone who loves to read and offers this piece of personal information to your guests who see it.

Create a living terrarium

Nothing says fresh and inviting like real plants and foliage. At The DIY Playbook, you can learn how to create your own terrarium for your coffee table. They’re simple and don’t cost much, and the end product is a beautiful display of a variety of plants that will freshen and brighten your table. A bowl, some pebbles, a little potting soil, and your choice of select, small plants that pair well together can add more than just a fresh centerpiece, but something for you to take care of and watch it grow. Another unique way to create a terrarium is in the table itself, under a glass top. What a beautiful way to look at your coffee table each day. An arrangement of three candles on top, can really add to the picturesque look, in a simplistic way.

Statures and figurines

Do you have a favorite statue or figurine that stands and out and makes a statement? Some people are into collecting certain figurines and others may have just a few they happen to love. Either way, showcasing a unique figurine or small statue on your table can be an interesting focal point that may do more than add decor to your table. It could be a nice conversational piece for guests to admire. According to Ultimate Home Ideas, being bold enough to set out a nude lady, a sculpture of the bust of a lady or something risque or makes a bold statement. Be creative and let your likes, style, and idea of art shine on your coffee table. If you are into Oriental themes, a Buddha on the table surrounded by a couple candles can be a serene, peaceful centerpiece.

Balance is the bottom line

When designing your coffee table centerpiece, keep in mind that balance is what you want to aim for. According to HGTV, keeping things organized and balance by placing “like” items and similarly scaled items grouped together on the table. You don’t want one end of the table to look heavier or more cumbersome than the other. Stacks of books across the table can look too heavy, while a large arrangement of knick knacks or figurines, can appear too busy and cluttered. Use your judgement for how evenly your display flows, and leave site of the table in some areas, not only for a visual break in the decor, but you will want your table to offer some functionality, as well, for setting drinks, or even plates if you end to have a snack or meal in your living room.

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