What is the Average Living Room Size in Various Countries?

The style and design of houses around the world vary significantly and depend on many factors. Some of these include the era in which they were built, the availability of resources, current trends, culture, and religion. House and room sizes also vary across the globe also vary. While homeowners’ economic status is one factor that impacts the size of their home, there are also significant differences in the expectations of homeowners from one country to the next. One of the most important rooms of the home, regardless of location, is the living room. It is because all the family shares this space, and any guests to the property also use it. The average size of this room differs depending on the location of the property. Here is a look at the average living room size in various countries.

United States

Easy Move says the average living room size in a house in the United States is 330-square-feet, although this varies significantly from one house to the next depending on the overall square footage of the property. For example, the average size of a living room in a house with square footage between 2000 and 2900-square-feet is 319-square-feet, while homes with more than 3,000-square-feet have an average living room size of 393-square-feet. Many homeowners in the United States favor an open-plan layout. Therefore, they may have a large space on the ground floor split into different areas, such as a lounge and a dining area. Similarly, homeowners may knock through the walls of homes that originally consisted of several small rooms on the ground floor to create an open-plan living area.

United Kingdom

According to The Guardian, the average size of living rooms in homes in the UK is gradually shrinking. Living rooms in new-build houses are approximately a third smaller than properties built during the 1970s. In the 1970s, the average size of a living room was 268-square-feet. Now, they are just 184-square-feet. This measurement of these homes is around the same as houses 80 years ago. Rooms in the UK were at their largest in homes built during the 1970s. There are two possible reasons for the decreasing size. The first is that developers are making the most of the limited building plots available by building more houses that are small rather than just a few large houses. Second, there is a push for affordable housing development in the UK. Smaller houses use fewer resources and are quicker to build; therefore, they are more affordable. It is also worth noting that the UK has the smallest average living room size and average overall home size in Europe. There is a trend in the UK for building what is described as shoebox houses with a cookie-cutter design. Unlike the United States, UK homebuilders do not favor open-plan living areas, and there are small, separate rooms for different activities.


The average size of a living room in Australia is 269-square-feet, says Build Search. Like in the United States, there is a trend in Australia for open-plan living. House designs have changed over the years in this country. While homes from the turn of the century have floor plans like the UK with small, separate rooms, modern houses have an open-plan design. There is also a difference in the living room size between urban and rural properties. In terms of overall house size, new build houses in Australia are some of the world’s largest houses. They have continued to grow, and the CommSec Home Size Trends Report says that new houses built in 2017 and 2018 are around 30 percent larger than 30 years ago.


In India, the living room is generally the largest room in the house as it is used for family gatherings and ceremonial purposes, says Happho. However, the size of a living room can vary significantly depending on the size, style, and value of the property. The average size of living rooms in this country is between 224-square-feet and 432-square-feet. However, in highly populated urban areas and in the poorer areas of the country, living room sizes are significantly smaller.

Hong Kong

Although there is no specific data available about the average living room size in Hong Kong, it is worth including this country on the list to compare different living standards according to location. Despite being a developed and economically stable country, the living standards in terms of space are significantly less than most other developed countries across the globe. Hong Kong has one of the lowest average living area per capita in the world at 161-square-feet, according to Hong Kong FP. This figure relates to the amount of living space is available in a property per person living in the household. In many cases, the main living area doubles up as either a kitchen or a bedroom. The situation is much worse in subdivided flats, which are flats divided into sections for multiple residents. In these properties, the average living area per capita is just 48-square-feet. There is often only one multifunctional room and a shared bathroom.

Average Living Room Size in Various Countries – The Final Verdict

Living rooms in the United States and Australia are some of the largest in the world, reflecting the larger overall house size. In both these countries, the trend is for open-plan living. Also, homebuyers expect to have as much space as possible for their money. While living rooms are getting larger in new developments in many countries, the opposite is the case in the UK. In this country, the houses are getting smaller, as are the rooms within the homes. The UK has some of the smallest living rooms in Europe.

Living rooms in India are used differently, which demonstrates how home design reflects differences in culture. While the other rooms in Indian houses are small, the living room is a multifunctional pace for gatherings, so it is larger. Another great contrast to the United States is Hong Kong, as the housing situation in this country shows how just because it is a developed country, it does not mean that the standard of living is high. Many homes in Hong Kong have just one shared room that acts as a living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom.

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