The Key Characteristics That Define a French Country Living Room

French Country Living Room

The living room is often the hub of the home. It is a space for relaxation, it is where the family spends time together, and it is often an entertaining space if guests come to your home. Therefore, it is important that you choose an interior design style that feels comfortable and reflects your personality. Which style you choose will predominantly depend on your personal tastes, although the overall style of your home will also probably influence your design. If your preference is for styles that have a homely and comfortable feel, then one option you may consider for your living room is the French country interior design style. Here are the key characteristics that define a French country living room.

What is a French Country Living Room?

The interior design style that is referred to as French country is a style that is inspired by homes in the French countryside. This means that the style epitomizes rustic charm and represents many aspects of country life in France. It is a style that is best suited to people who do not admire a minimalistic look, as this theme is all about decorative accessories, natural materials, and the use of color and pattern. These combine to create a room with a warm and comfortable vibe. Although applying every characteristic of this theme is a great look for a living room, it is possible to select just a few key aspects of the design style and apply these to your living area. The following are some of the key characteristics that define a French country living room.

Architectural Features

According to The Spruce, the windows are one of the main architectural features of the living room, so you should draw attention to this feature. Add heavy, patterned drapes to the window and create a window seat on thick window ledges. Another important feature in a French country living room is the open fireplace. This is often the main focal point of the living room. A stone hearth and wood fire surround are the perfect ways to create a stunning fireplace. Finally, a French country living room will often have exposed wood beams on the ceiling. If you do not have these in your home, it is possible to add them.


This style is all about rural life and the French countryside, so it makes sense that the materials you use are all-natural. Both wood and stone feature highly in this style, Another material that is widely used to add color and warmth to the rooms is fabric.


You can use almost any color in a French country living room. However, lighter shades work well and will make your living room look bright and spacious. Pastels and lighter shades such as pale yellows, soft blues, light pinks, and creams work well. You can add pops of color with your accessories and soft furnishings.

Patterns and Prints

Ideal Home describes how you can add a touch of feminine chic to your living room with the use of prints and patterns. Your choice of soft furnishings is the ideal way to add patterns and prints into your living room. You can also add splashes of detail with your accessories. Further ways to use pattern and prints in a French country living room is to have patterns stenciled on the wall or to hang patterned wallpaper. Patterns that are typical of this style include botanical prints, farm animals and checks.


The floors are one aspect of the room in which you will use natural materials for this style. Although stone floors are often used in the kitchens of French country houses, wood is a warmer option for living rooms. Adding colorful, patterned rugs to the floor will add texture, color, and warmth to your living space.


Wooden furniture is the only option for many rooms in a French country home. However, although you can include many pieces of wooden furniture in a French country living, you will also want to add some comfort for seating areas. For settees and armchairs, fabric settees are a better choice as these are more comfortable. Choose a fabric that is either a deeper shade of the color on your walls or choose for a piece of patterned fabric. Wooden furniture can include coffee tables, occasional tables, and a dresser.


Although there are several options for lighting, Hunker says that chandeliers will always work for this style. The candelabra style works best as it adds a touch of class to the living area while retaining some of the rustic charms of French country life. Add lighting at different levels with lamps around the room. Lamps often create a softer glow that creates a more mellow atmosphere.


No room in a French country house is complete without accessorizing the room to add your personal touch. Accessories are a vital characteristic of a French country living room. You can add almost any accessories to this room that will reflect your personality. Some ideas include photographs, plates, jugs, vases, and dried flowers. Potted plants are also a popular option if you want to bring some nature into the room. In terms of wall decoration, paintings and mirrors are the best options. Choose paintings that depict old-fashioned farming scenes or that have a botanical theme. Mirrors add space and light to a living room, and either wooden or ornate brass frames will work equally well with this style.

French Country Living Rooms – The Final Verdict

A French country living room is one that reflects the style of French country houses. It is a rustic, warm and comfortable style that uses a variety of colors, natural materials, and patterns. Architectural details are important, as is the almost excessive use of accessories to personalize the space. Whatever you choose to include in your living room, the aim is to create an inviting place where people can relax.

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