20 Gorgeous Blue Living Room Ideas

Blue Living Room

Decorating your living room may feel a little overwhelming with how to go about doing it. What color do you paint the walls? How do you create a look that’s beautiful, elegant, as well as relaxing? If you’ve thought about the many different color options, maybe blue crossed your mind, and that is certainly a choice you should could consider if elegant yet calming, is the look and feel you are going for.

Blue may be a little intimidating, but it’s all about choosing the right shade of blue for your room, decor idea, and mood you want to set for the room.

There are some really great ideas on how to incorporate the color blue in your living room, whether you want to really go all out with the color, or just incorporate enough blue that you still feel its calming affect of having it all around you. Here are some ideas to consider.

Wall color

Here’s a place to start, deciding on whether or not you want entire walls covered in a shade of blue, from all of the walls, to one or a couple, of accent walls.

There are countless hues of blue and each have their individual looks and moods they can set for the room. You color choice might depend on a variety of factors; the size of your room, both in usable square footage, and vertical – do you have high, vaulted ceilings?

It can depend on the amount of natural light you have in the room, do you want to create a lighter, airier room or add more warmth with a deeper shade of blue? And, think about the type of furniture you are pairing with the color scheme.

Many times, furniture type and color can make ea difference in how the wall color is perceived. If you choose a deep, dark shade of blue for your walls, keep in mind that darker furniture pieces pair better with dark blues, such as a dark grey sofa or rich brown leather, an idea recommended on Linda Brownell.

Layer blues in your room

For real blue enthusiasts, you can have a lot of fun with the color by layering different shades of the color throughout the room. One thing to keep in mind is that not all blues relate to each other in a way where they would fit into the scheme, so, according to The Spruce, it’s important to pick hues that have a relation to one another when fitting them in the mix.

For instance, for layering blue hues in your furniture, area rug, even curtains, choose blues that have similar tones and work with each other as opposed to hues that don’t seem to flow or make sense being in the same color palette theme.

Use accent colors

Accent colors not only help to create a break in a room with a primary color, and especially if there’s a lot of it, but it helps to keep a room’s decor theme flow more evenly. Choose about three accent colors to pair with your blue choice, for instance, a warm yellow, turquoise, gray or others that marry well with your main hue of blue.

Your main accent color should appear at least three times throughout the room, and according to School of Decorating, these accent colors don’t have to be small accents. You can choose to use your accent color in a bigger way, for instance, the pattern in your couch cushions, in your drapery, your chairs upholstery, and area rug. The second and third accent color choices can be used in smaller versions to add smaller pops of color to the room.

Blue is easy to work with and make changes

No matter how much you love the color blue you choose and what it does for your room, over time, it is possible you might get tired of the look of the room, overall, and want to change it up a bit.

The nice thing about blue is how easy it is to work with. If ever you feel like you want to change things up, you can give your room a whole new look just by changing the accent colors and pieces without having to repaint entire walls to get the new look. Instead of turquoise and teals as accent colors, move over to grays and yellows, or add more creamy, neutral tones to your room through your decor pieces.

For more ideas on blue for your living room, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous blue living room ideas and get inspired to add some calming blue hues to yours.

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