20 Creative Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teenagers have one room in the house they can call their own, and that’s their bedroom. The bedroom is their sanctuary away from the worries of the world, and even the happenings of the home, when they need to get away from it all. A teen’s room is really a multi-purpose room. It’s not only used to sleep in, but it’s the room they work on homework and study, hang out with friends, and probably even do a little video gaming. Because it has many functions, it should be set up for multi-functioning, but look great, all while keeping it a room the lets them express their likes and personalities. If you’re looking for a great teen room decor idea, we have some tips that can help you get started on your teen’s bedroom makeover.

Choose a theme

A lot of teenagers have “something” their interested in, whether it be a sport, music, astrology, skateboarding, a movie theme, maybe even just a specific color, or decor idea, such as, modernism, boho, or any other. Work with your teen to come up with the main theme or idea behind their room’s decor. Maybe your daughter loves everything that’s green, or your son loves football, or even a specific team. Once you have an idea to work with, the planning can start.

Create specific stations for the room

When we say “stations,” we mean, areas. Because the room is used for different purposes, having the room neatly set up to meet the different needs makes it more functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can work with your teenager to help map out and create different areas for the different uses, and Freshome suggests the three areas for a teens’ room be:

  • An area for sleeping
  • A specific study station
  • An area for hanging and lounging with friends

Knowing how the room will be broken up into these specific areas, will help you better organize your decor ideas and make the bedroom and decor flow more cohesively.

Choose your color scheme

The walls are the major element in the room. Once you decide on the theme of the room, you can use the walls as the base, and work off of it for the rest of of the room’s decor. A lot of teen’s love bold and bright; bold or bright colors, or maybe they want a bold statement on the wall, like a favorite picture as a mural, or a wall covered in big, bold geometric shapes, or bold wall art. Or perhaps a wall filled with removable decals, like decals of their favorite skateboarder or sports player.

Study station

While teens love to lounge around a lot, even while they read and study, they will definitely benefit from having a desk or some type of work station to do their work when they need to, according to House Beautiful. Having a desk and work station is the optimum idea, and will help to increase your teen’s productivity. In small bedrooms, a small desk in a corner of the room will work. Instead of spreading the work space out, spread it up, using vertical space for storage with shelves or be creative with hanging storage baskets to help prevent desk clutter.

Lounging area

Teens and lounging go hand-in-hand. Setting aside an area for your teen to lounge when hanging out in their room alone, or with friends makes the room more relaxing and functional. Your teen doesn’t need a full sofa in their room to get comfortable lounging. For guys, a few colorful bean bag chairs or over-sized throw pillows that can be stacked in a corner are great ways to create a comfortable lounging setting without consuming a lot of space. In small bedrooms, a small bench at the foot of the bed is multi-functional way to add seating to the room for visiting, and for sitting to put on shoes. A bench with storage adds more storage space for your teen’s room as well.

Consider these cool ideas

Lighting – A basic overhead light can be glaring and monotonous for any room, but if you’re a teen, you’d probably enjoy different types of lighting to match your moods. Ambiance lighting can include cool decorative lamps, a string of lights hung in an artistic way across the wall using removable hooks, or simply adding a dimmer switch to the over head light gives your teen lighting options. Switch the overhead light out with a cool light fixture to match their decor theme to give the room a great focal point.

Trundle bed – If your teen is like most, having a friend over for the night is a common occurrence. For overnight stays, one way to accommodate friends is with a trundle bed that can be pulled out any time to allow for sleepovers, according to Digs Digs, and saves space in the room when not being used.

Storage options – Teens have lots and lots of stuff so plan for plenty of storage space to help avoid clutter. Beds with built-in drawers are great in a boy’s or girl’s room. Closet storage units are easy to install and help organize wardrobes and accessories. Floating shelves arranged in a unique pattern above a desk, bed, or negative space wall are great for books, displaying collectibles or photos.

Display your teens hobby – Most teens have a hobby, and what better way for them to show their love for their hobby then to be able to display their hobby in their room. Is your teen into photography? Hang their photos on a wire strung along the wall, using colorful clothespins. If space permits, a surfboard standing in the corner of the room can look really, hang-ten! Young astrologers would probably love to look at the stars at night, you can purchase a cool astrological display light that displays the stars and galaxies on the walls or ceiling. You get the idea.

Bottom line

Have fun with your teen’s room. Be playful and creative and let them work closely with you in the decor theme and process so that they feel like they are a big part of the creation of their room and in the end, will really feel comfortable in it, and appreciate it.

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