20 Gorgeous White Master Bedroom Ideas

Nantucket White Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the one room in the home that is all yours. It’s the one room you can retreat to from the worries of the word; relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Because you want your room to be the most relaxing place in the home that’s just for you, you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to creating a dreamy, tranquil room. One way to achieve the perfect, tranquil master bedroom is to design a room using one of the most dreamy colors there is – white. White may seem boring to some, but when used right, you can turn your dull, boring master bedroom into a beautiful, tranquil space where you look forward to retiring at the end of every day. Here are some tips for designing the perfect master bedroom in white.

Choose your shade

The beauty of the color white is that there are many shades of it to choose from. If stark white seems a little cold or boring to you, soften it up by choosing a version of white that still leaves your room crisp, clean, and dreamy without making you feel as if you’re in a sterile environment. According to House beautiful , white can be warm and welcoming when you choose versions like, Snowflake white, which offers a more rustic appeal, Dove white, a shade that adds a creamy look to the color, and a version of white known as Farrow & Ball; a version of white that works great for high ceilings and adds the perfect amount of warmth to the room. If you plan to cover all your walls in a shade of white, consider a slightly shaded version to add a bit of warmth without compromising the look of a white room.

Mix textures

Textures make a bedroom complete and can add layers for visual appeal. When keeping with a neutral tone for your room, adding textures adds more depth to your decor theme, for instance, a cushioned, cloth-covered chair paired with a fluffy rug underneath can add a whole new look to a sitting area. A warm plush duvet paired with a beautiful textured throw, and different textured throw pillows on the bed can give depth to the layers of your bedding. Magic Linen recommends this little hack to add warmth and coziness to your bedroom, especially when dealing with lots of white tones.

Add accent colors

Going all-white is definitely one way to go when it comes to designing a white room. It can create a dreamy look and feel to your room that makes you feel like you are spending your nights at a luxurious spa every night you step into your master bedroom, however, if nothing but white seems to be a bit too much, adding bits of colors to the room can add character and interest to your design theme. You may want to keep your accent color choices on the neutral side as well, such as creamy hues, or shades of beige, brown, or gray. A white and gray striped bed cover can add a beautiful visual element while keeping with the white theme, or perhaps adding splashes of color in your bed ensemble would liven up the room. Other ways to add color are with your pieces of furniture throughout the room. Choose a patterned chair covering, a color-infused throw rug, or lampshades that are donned with a secondary, accent color. Have fun with accent colors, but if your main idea is to keep the room as white as possible, try to limit the amount of color you add.

For more ideas on designing a white master bedroom, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous white master bedroom ideas to get inspired with your master bedroom makeover.

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