20 Beautiful Bedrooms Incorporating Boho Bedding

Your bedroom is the most relaxing room in the house, or at least, it should be. It should be filled with your most favorite, and most personal items, and the decor theme should reflect who you really are. The eclectic look of the Bohemian, or Boho decor is one that combines several styles of decor, from vintage to modern, to retro and gypsy. It’s artistic and lively, and one that you can have a lot of fun with. When it comes to Boho themed rooms, no two rooms are alike. That’s because Boho decor pieces are typically collected from a wide range of sources, and from an array of eras. Your bedroom is a great place to put together a beautiful Bohemian style that is warm, welcoming, and full of vibrant colors and textures. Keep reading to get some key tips for creating a delightful Bohemian style bedroom with the perfect Boho bedding.

Choose earthy colors

Although there aren’t any particular rules of the Bohemian style decor, there are some primary color choices that will definitely help you keep with the main idea and theme of the design. The most popular color choices for Bohemian textures and decor are typically rich colors. Deep, fiery oranges and rich browns, as well as electric blue, deep yellows, saturated purple, earthy greens, and grays. If a color gives you an earthy feel, it will probably work in a Bohemian color scheme for your bedding. One color that is not as often thought of as a Bohemian color coordinate, but it does have its place, and it is white. It can easily be incorporated as a backdrop to other eclectic colors, so don’t discount it if it serves a purpose in your bedding ensemble.

Fabrics and textures

The seventies era of dyed textiles and textures that take you back to nature are very commonly used in Bohemian decor. Think of all-natural materials, like burlap, silk, chenille, among other natural materials. One of the great things about this design theme is that you can mix and match colors, materials, eras, and textures. There really doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason, so long as it flows and keeps with the look and feel of the Bohemian lifestyle. Where some decor themes create their design looks with a minimalist mind set, Bohemian style takes on a “more is more” inspired look.

You might choose a duvet that is a busy, vibrant colored cotton material, mix it with a fringed crochet throw for the bed, and a couple of richly colored silk, fringed throw pillows for accents. A canopy over the bed is very Bohemian, as well as a brightly colored quilt or tapestry to hang on the wall above the head of the bed. Fringed or burlap bed skirts make a nice finishing touch to the ensemble, if you want to add more texture and color to your bedding. Whatever you choose, if you want accomplish getting a true Bohemian look, keep in mind that materials that look slightly worn as opposed to shiny and new, are more true to the design theme and will help create an authentic Bohemian look.

Add decorative touches

Sticking to a natural, more basic look, think about accessories that will help complete your Bohemian bedroom makeover. Plants are a big part of the natural look in this design, so get working on your green thumb and add a few potted around your room. For an even more creative look, a couple of hanging ferns in macrame pot hangers is a great way to give the room a classic Boho touch. Other plants and flowers that are perfect for a bedroom of this style include, peace lilies and philodendrons. They’re not only beautiful and fresh, but they can help the quality of air in your room, too.


When it comes to lighting, try getting rid of the basic overhead lighting fixture and move toward more ambient-style of lighting. Candles around the room, floor and table lamps, wall sconces, or if you prefer overhead lighting, exchange the boring for an eclectic type chandelier or other lighting feature that adds a bit of Boho character to the room.

For more ideas, here are 20 pictures of beautiful bedrooms incorporating Boho bedding to help inspire you in your Boho bedroom transformation.

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