20 Pool Chairs That Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Resort

It’s that time of year where you love to spend all the time you can outdoors, and one of the best places to spend it is on your patio and by your own pool, especially if you have a great setup with beautiful resort-like chairs to lounge in. Whether you love to grill, swim, spend time with family and friends, or just sit and relax while you enjoy the beautiful weather, having the perfect poolside chairs can make all the difference in the quality of your patio and pool area. Everyone loves a good, comfortable chair, and it seems like some of the most relaxing looking chairs are always found at spas and resorts, that’s because resorts and spas want their clients to feel as relaxed as possible and enjoy their time lounging. You can create this same experience when you choose the perfect outdoor chairs for your patio and pool. If you are wanting to design a spa like look and feel for your pool area with new resort-like chairs. Here’s more about them so keep reading.

What is the main purpose of your chairs?

Before you start shopping for new chairs for your pool deck consider what you the main purpose of the chairs. One thing to consider is if you spend a lot of time laying in the sun and want them to be able to adjust to the different sunning positions. If so, you may want to choose adjustable lounge chairs so you can turn over and tan both sides of your body. If you just want a beautiful resort-like lounger that contours to your body as you sit and watch the kids swim or visit with friends and family around the pool, a non-adjustable contoured ergo chair looks very sleek and spa-like and can be the perfect chair for those who want the comfort of a lounge, but don’t need it to adjust to multiple positions.

Weather compatible

Depending on whether your chairs are going to be under cover or exposed to all the elements of the outdoors, this may play a role the type of chairs you choose. Weather exposure can effect different materials in different ways, from causing mold, rust or maybe even wood rot. You’ll want to be sure you know what the care will be for the chairs you’re interested in and decide if the chairs will hold up to the elements they’ll be exposed to. Some materials require more maintenance and cleaning than others, so consider the amount of care the chairs will require and if you want to dedicate the time and effort to keeping them looking beautiful and usable throughout the seasons.

Covered or not covered

With today’s knowledge of the damage the sun can cause, many companies have developed beautiful poolside chairs that come with it’s own built-in shade. You can still the best of both worlds, get sun when you want, or pull the canopy up and protect yourself from the sun’s rays beaming down on you. There are a wide range of canopy style poolside chairs to choose from so you can choose one that fits your personal style, design needs, and budget, all while creating a very chic resort-like look for your patio.

More tips for creating a resort-like feel to your backyard and pool deck include:

  • Choose chairs that have fun, relaxing colors. You don’t have stick to just neutral wood, wicker or metal colors. Have fun with color choices, from the material of the chair, to the cushions and canopies you pick.
  • Arrange seating in a way that gives you the best views of the pool, yard, or scenery in the background. You’ll also want to consider how they will be used for things like visiting with friends and family. You want to keep them arranged in a way that keeps conversation easy among guests.
  • Choose fabrics that are cool, and easy to clean. Dark fabrics and certain types of material can trap heat and make them uncomfortable in the heat and sun. Striped and printed patterned fabrics can hide dirt and spots better than solid colors, but if your cushions do need cleaning, choose fabrics that are easy and low-maintenance to care for. Easy upkeep means your chairs will look very resort-like all year round.

If you are in the market for new chairs for your poolside this summer, take a look at the following 20 pool chairs that make your backyard feel like a resort.

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