20 Beautiful Hanging Chairs You’ll Love to Sit In

Hanging chairs are decorative yet practical furnishings that can be used to provide a comfortable place to lounge while giving any room or patio an exotic feeling. They are made in a wide range of sizes and styles in various materials and colors. We’ve put together a guide that tells you everything you need to know about them and how you can incorporate them into your home for the ultimate in comfort and stylishness.

Types of hanging chairs

There are hundreds of hanging chair designs, but we’re going to cover the main categories and a few novel types. Some are made for outdoor use and others for indoors, but all are made to be comfortable and add a touch of class to your home. There are hanging styles to choose from. Those which are suspended from one pivotal point and others which hang from two ropes, making it possible to rock back and forth.

Outdoor hanging chairs

Outdoor hanging chairs are made with more durable materials that are weather resistant. The hammock style can be suspended from a tree or from a frame that is purchased with the chair. These types make excellent additions to your back yard, front porch or patio. Since they come in practically every kind of material and color scheme you can imagine, here are some ideas for using them in your outdoor landscape.

Matching your decor

Whether you have a rustic look to your landscape or a more sophisticated scheme going on, there is a hanging chair that will fit in perfectly as a lovely accent. Those made of rattan are elegant when painted white. Accent pillows of any color can be added to enhance the eye appeal. Unpainted rattan has a more earthy feeling. You can also choose any color of the rainbow.

You have your choice of sizes and styles. If you prefer a more private place to lounge, go with a more fully enclosed version. Some hanging chairs are made with an open construction that resemble an old fashioned kids’ swing on steroids. They are made in a variety of shapes that range from oval and egg shapes to triangular or rectangular. Some hanging chairs that look like round bird houses or stripped down versions that offer a delicate looking frame with a sturdy seat at the bottom. You can also choose from small, medium and large sizes, with some big enough to take a nap in.


Hanging chairs are available in rattan, wicker, wood or metal options.Wicker is valued for its strength and it is the most common material used. Some come with fabric coverings and others are bare, allowing you to add your own accessories to match your decor. If you enjoy a tropical look, hanging swings with bright floral print materials add a splash of color to make you feel as though you’re in paradise. It’s easy to match practically any decor.

Indoor Hanging chairs

Some popular uses for indoor hanging chairs are in a teenager’s room or as a single accent piece to add a novel feature to a living room or recreation room. The single rope suspension types take up less room and are better suited for indoor use. The most popular choice is the egg shape, but shape, size and color is a matter of preference. There are hanging swings that are the equivalent in size and function to a day bed and these make the perfect addition to a child or teenager’s room.

You can match the design of a hanging chair to perfectly complement any home interior style and color scheme. They are so versatile that you have your choice of sizes, dimensions and hanging style. One of the best benefits of incorporating a hanging chair into your interior design plan is that you can choose the perfect type to add a new and interesting element to your home. Take a few moments to browse through our gallery of unique hanging chairs to get a better idea of how you can use this unique furnishing to accent your home or patio. They make the most wonderful conversation pieces and they give you another way to express your unique sense of style and tastes. We hope you enjoy our gallery of 20 lovely hanging chairs you’ll love to sit in.

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