The Five Best Recliners You Can Buy in 2018

It’s 2018 now and everything around us has changed so much from the past—including the chairs we sit on, especially the recliner chair. We’ve moved past the bulky lazy boy recliners into the recliner of today. They’re more functional; they’re more space saving; and they look more appealing altogether. Recliners are no longer the bulky piece of furniture that either gets sit on too much or never sit on at all. In 2018, recliners are very much a vibrant part of a home’s furnishings. Out of the many you can choose from, here are the five best recliners you can buy this year.

Zipcode Design Clyde Manual Recliner

If you’re not a big fan of leather, this suede-like microfiber is a great option. This recliner is very plush, and in a way, it’s reminiscent of the recliners from the good ol’ days. It only took the best parts, though, such as super comfort and less bulky. This recliner is known for giving excellent lumbar support. It’s a manual recliner, so that means that you’ll have to give this chair a little bit of kickback to operate the reclining function. It’s a little bit of work, but for the price and quality, you can’t go wrong at all. This budget-friendly recliner comes in two colors: beige or brown.

Macy’s Oliver Leather Power Recliner

This traditional recliner has a bit of a modern touch to it. Its leather gives it a really sleek and compact look. It’s quite luxurious to see, but it’s feels even more luxurious to sit on. This chair gives just the right amount of squish to give you comfort and support in equal parts. Since this is a powered unit, you’ll have to plug it in before you can operate it. There’s a lever on the side of the recliner that activates the motor to recline the chair and lift the footrest as well. This chair comes in dark brown or beige leather. It comes with a hefty price tag as well, so splurge if you must.

Pottery Barn James Upholstered Recliner

For a more personal piece, why not customize your recliner? You can completely customize the upholstery on this Pottery Barn chair. You can customize whichever fabric you want on it and on whatever color. You can make it so it matches your furniture, or you can totally create an accent piece. This recliner offers more than just customization though. The pillow back gives you a sink in, so you’ll feel like you’re being hugged while you’re sitting on this chair. You’ll also get a piece of furniture that doesn’t even look like a recliner at all. It’s a high quality piece of furniture that’s fun to purchase. However because of the customization, delivery of the finished product could take up to 12 weeks.

Alcott Hill Henley Manual Recliner

It’s far from being the overstuffed chair you’re so used to thinking about when someone says recliner. With that said, this chair does not compromise its comfort even with all its sophistication. The Alcott Hill recliner is probably one of the most stylish recliners you’ll see in the market today. It doesn’t scream “lazy” every time you look at it. It’s more of an elegant comfort that you’ll find feels just the same, if not better, than typical lazy boy comfort. Being a manual chair, it needs a little kickback to recline, but it does so easily. This chair is made with faux leather and comes in several colors including light beige, teal, charcoal, light gray, light blue, and brown.

West Elm Lewis Recliner

This West Elm recliner is the most modern option out of all the other recliners. It comes in a chic charcoal tweed material that may be unusual in a recliner, but everything about this recliner is not the usual anyway. It may not look as comfortable as all the other chairs, but what it lacks in apparent comfort it makes up for full reclining capacity. This is the perfect chair for those who value how a chair can look. It’s also quite small compared to other recliners, which means that it won’t take much of your floor space. This is a manual recliner, so you’ll have to give it a little bit of a push back in order to recline.

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