20 Different Types of Screened Gazeebo Ideas

Holding an outdoor gathering in your back yard is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends. Whether you’re having a big event or small, cookouts, holiday parties, or more formal outdoor events are even better when you have a lovely Gazebo. They offer a protected area for guests to gather that provides shade for greater comfort when it’s hot outside. They also add a touch of elegance and can serve as a backyard hub for special events. Gazebos come in all different sizes, shapes, styles and materials. You can easily become the owner on a budget of as little as $500 or go for the maximum in features for between $1,500 to $2,000 or even $10,000 if you’re after pure luxury. To give you an idea of how you can enhance your landscape, here are 20 ideas you might like (with photos below)

  1. Wooden Gazebo with Door and Walls (small size) – This is the perfect setup for use near a pond, lake or on the beach. The gazebo provides a good area for you to dry after swimming. It’s also useful for having an outdoor breakfast, lunch or dinner while you’re enjoying the water. It’s designed to keep out pesky insects that would otherwise interfere with your relaxation.
  2. Beach Side Gazebo in Wood – The Beach Side Gazebo features permanent screens and a swinging door with installed screen for bug proof outdoor recreation. Cool breezes flow easily through this well-ventilated screened gazebo to relieve summer heat.
  3. Gazebo in Metal and Screen Curtain – A Hanging screen is the feature that gives this Gazebo it’s uniqueness. The mesh is suspended from a rod for easy opening and closing. All it takes is a simple pull. When bugs are out, shut them out easily and when their gone, pull the curtain back.
  4. Deck Gazebo with Built-in Feature – Built-in screens install directly into your deck with this novel Deck Gazebo. Screens enclose all parts of the structure to keep bugs outside. Create a perfect environment for relaxation.
  5. Cloth-top Screen Gazebo – The sides are constructed mostly of screen for an ideal waiting area in your backyard. There’s room for a table so you can eat without insect annoyance or play a friendly game of cards.
  6. Curtained Cloth-top Gazebo – Matching curtains complement the cloth top of this Gazebo that is designed to create a bug-free zone in your yard. It
  7. Curtained Gazebo in Metal – The material used in the construction of the Curtained Gazebo is metal. The curtains are easy to close when insects begin to buzz around. You can also pull them back to enjoy a cool breeze when bugs are no longer a problem.
  8. Screened Gazebo in Wood – This stylish gazebo features lovely details that are crafted in wood. Screens are built into the structure’s walls and for special enhancement, they are surrounded by elegant wood details for an attractive area to relax, safe from flying insects.
  9. Poolside Screened Gazebo – The addition of windows and screens make this poolside enclosure an ideal locale to gather after a refreshing swim. Screens prohibit bug traffic in your private and relaxing domain.
  10. Tall Gazebo of Wood – The tall ceiling gives this small bit of paradise a spacious feeling. Screens are effective at keeping bugs out while allowing guests to have a full view of what’s going on outside the protective interior.
  11. Screen Slider Gazebo in Metal – The system of sliding screens are retractable for convenience and a touch of style. This sturdy refuge protects guests from nasty bugs that pester and annoy.
  12. Thatched Roof Gazebo – Tropical ambiance describes the spacious screened gazebo that is large and spacious enough to accommodate multiple pieces of patio furniture, or hold several guests at larger gatherings.
  13. Petite Screened Gazebo – A couple of well-placed chairs is all you need to relax in comfort free of bee, mosquito and other flying insect intrusions.
  14. Gazebo for Tall Decks – A functional deckside retreat can be yours, complete with protective screens from ceiling to floor. Fences that are designed for hillside yards keep you and guests safe from a fall while bugs are neatly excluded from the party.
  15. Curtained Gazebo in Metal – Unique and functional, the solar roof is designed for keeping in coolness in summer and heat inside during cooler weather via an innovative climate control feature.
  16. Hardwood Gazebo – Luxurious and rich, this instant focal point of style and elegance gives you a retreat away from insects.
  17. Fabric-Top Gazebo in Metal – Bask in luxury in your new attractively styled Gazebo that includes curtains which match the top fabric. Gatherings are more enjoyable with this handy enclosure that puts a ban on bugs.
  18. Woodsy Gazebo – Deeply wooded areas crawl with nasty bugs, but they won’t be able to join you when you close the screens and ban nature’s winged creatures from your own special habitat.
  19. Curtained Gazebo/Cloth top feature – This unique retreat features curtains that also have straps that secure to give you a better view of your environment. This attractive enclosure has an air of class and neatness allowing you to entertain guests in style.
  20. Hanging Square Deck Yard Gazebo – The interesting design is a direct deck attachment that features walls of screen that keep bugs out of the interior.

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