20 Pool Gazebos That Are Out of This World

When you add a pool to your home, one thing you want is for it to look nice and be a place of enjoyment. It serves both function and an aesthetic appeal to your home that can bring you peace and tranquility. One way to make your pool a more enjoyable place to sit and relax, socialize and entertain, is under a gazebo built by your pool.

Gazebos can come in all sizes, shapes, looks, colors and designs. Knowing what you want to primarily use your gazebo for; relaxing and reading, entertaining or another reason, will help you to determine what type of gazebo you want to build. Gazebos are an addition to your home that can also help to increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell. 

Before you start to build a gazebo by your pool, there are some tips you can follow to help you with choosing the perfect one to serve the purpose you need it to.

Choose the site

Choosing the right site for your gazebo is important. Once you know what you would like to use your gazebo for, finding a place for it by the pool and your home, will be the next step. Not all gazebo designs will likely work for your home or the area you want your gazebo to be built. You want the gazebo to not only look like it is part of the home and belongs there, not out-of-place or ill-fitting.

The gazebo needs to fit in with the design and size of your pool as well. A small pool will look smaller and can easily be swallowed up by a large, oversized or overly ornate gazebo. And the opposite is true as well too small of a Gazebo next to a very large pool, may go unnoticed and look ill-proportioned, or not be the focal point of the pool area that you were hoping for.

Your homeowner’s association, property lines, and other ordinances may also play a role in your decision as to where you want to put your Gazebo. These things should be evaluated before beginning construction on your Gazebo. Knowing these things will also help you to determine where you want to build it. If you are simply wanting a gazebo for aesthetic purposes, choosing one you can turn into your focal point for the home or pool area, is one way to achieve that.


There is a vast variety of gazebo designs to chose from. Finding the perfect design for your pool area should be fairly easy with all that is available today. You can even mix and match design ideas in order to create the perfect look for your home and yard. A design that brings out the best in the aesthetics of your home is ideal.

You want one that is going to compliment your home’s style and design, not one that is shockingly different, or looks out of place sitting by your pool. Gazebo design specialist can work with you to help you find the best one that fits both, your idea and one that brings out the best in your home’s aesthetic appeal.


The size of the gazebo needs to be able to fit in the area and space you want it. For instance, building a tall gazebo that towers over your roofline may not look aesthetically pleasing to the eye from either front or back of the home. Plus, city and neighborhood ordinances will likely affect the size and height of your gazebo so as not to encroach on your neighbor’s privacy or their right to a certain enjoyment out of their property.

You will want to use measurements of the area you would like to construct the gazebo on, as well as the measurements of the Gazebo yo are interested in, to see if it will fit where and how you want it.


Gazebos can be built out of several different types of material. Some Gazebos may only be able to be built using a certain material, so knowing exactly what material will be used may play a role in what type of Gazebo you choose. You may be looking for a Gazebo that is built out of cedar, or another wood that cannot be used.

Perhaps you are wanting an enclosed Gazebo and knowing what materials will be used to build all aspects of the Gazebo, will give you a better idea if the Gazebo will work in your yard, by your pool. Materials can also change the pricing of your Gazebo. If substituting materials is an option, whether for the main portion of the Gazebo, roof, windows, or door, whatever you want to change, it’s important to understand that changing them may raise the cost of the construction. Be sure to ask if it will.

Thoroughly planning ahead of time will help to eliminate any issues or problems that may pose a problem during the process of getting your Gazebo erected. The ultimate goal is to create a Gazebo that you will love to see and spend time with. One that will bring you many years of enjoyment.

Here are 20 pool Gazebos that are out of this world.

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