20 Infinity Pools with the Most Stunning Views

Pools are a nice addition to your home. They add monetary value as well as relaxation and recreation value. You can choose from different types of pools to fit the purpose you want it to serve, from a typical swimming pool designs, to endless swimming pools which allow you to swim endlessly without reaching the end, or you may want to build your own, unique infinity pool. Infinity pools have become increasingly more popular over the years, with their breathtaking visuals they offer.

Infinity pools are popular among the wealthy due to their luxurious look and are quite expensive to build. Most people that have infinity pools installed like to be creative with the design and have them built in a way that they create a breathtaking, picturesque view when you see them.

What is an infinity pool?

An infinity pool is often a term that is used for an “infinite edge pool,” also a “vanishing edge pool,” or “negative edge pool.” The terms are used to describe a pool that has no swim current. They are designed differently than the typical pool where all the walls are built higher than the water level. An infinite pool is built with one or more of the pool’s walls (the weir) just a fraction of an inch shorter than the level of the water.

Using this type of design allows the water to flow into a catch basin below. By using this design technique in a pool, the pool water gives the illusion that it does not end; that the water just flows right into the background.

Difference between “endless” and “infinity” pools

Because the terms used for both of these pools are used interchangeably, it’s easy for people to mistake the two for being the same when they are not.  There are “endless” pools that are used for exercise and that is their primary purpose. They are designed to allow for lap swimming without ever reaching the edge and therefore, there is no need for a flip turn or turning around to head back to the other end. You are basically kept in the same position, swimming in place; continuously swim unheeded by walls and the end of the pool.

“Infinity” pools are not exercise pools. They do not have a water current, but are still water pools, essentially. Although you can swim laps in an infinity pool, their design purpose was not for lap swimming despite the term “infinity” being used as their name and description. This type of “infinity” pool is a pool that is built for views and to give you spectacular views. It is a luxury pool by all accounts.

Cost of an infinity pool

Infinity pools are unique in design and technology, which means,compared to regular types of pools they are more expensive and rare. They are so rare, in fact, that it is hard to find an infinity pool builder and when you do, you can expect to pay a lot for him to do the work. They are rare to find because the uniqueness and complexity of these pools requires a complex structural and mechanical achievement.

Several types of engineers and contractors are needed to design and build it correctly. There is a lot of detailed work, skill and equipment that is needed, which plays a large role in the expense of these pools, which they can cost many thousands of dollars. Larger, more elaborate pools can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Costs after installation

Installing an infinity pool isn’t the only expensive part of owning one. Once the pool has been installed, operating the infinity pool will also cost the owner a lot of money to keep it operating correctly. Unlike a regular pool, infinity pools cannot be covered to help hold water in and keep it from evaporating. The more water that evaporates, the more energy it requires to keep it operating. Massive are also needed to run for the catch basin, and they run constantly. This consumes a lot of energy and you can expect that your electric bill will be much higher than with a regular pool or “endless” pool.

Where to install your infinity pool

If you want to install an infinity pool, you will want to have installed in the best place on your property that will give you the best views possible. Because the purpose of an infinity pool is to create breathtaking views, designing it around the best piece of your property to enhance the pool’s visual, as well as its backdrop.

Most people who choose to install an infinity pool already have a stunning view where the infinity pool will only add to it. When you see infinity pools in photos or on TV or in movies, the first thing you will probably notice is how the water of the infinity pools melds into the scenery behind and around it. It enhances the view that the owner already had. Common places for people to build their infinity pool are where the pool’s unseen edge flows off into the view of the ocean, or a stunning desert or mountainous background.

Creating the best illusion for the water flowing off into another dimension is one of the challenges that is faced with infinity pools. Sometimes it takes reconstructing the property level by adding or removing earth, to get the ground level just right so that the perfect view is created.

Most people who put an infinity pool in on their property would not even bother unless they knew they were going to get an amazing view with it. Infinity pool owners want a gorgeous view from inside and out of the water; that is the purpose of these amazing and very artistic pools.

Look at some of the most amazing creations with infinity pools. Here are 20 infinity pools with the most stunning views you will ever see. If you are considering installing an infinity pool on your property, you can get some great ideas with what other people have done with their infinity pool.

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