20 of the Most Beautiful Shipping Container Homes

Today’s world has changed so much that those of us who are getting older, may hardly recognize it. Along with big changes in technology and industry, are changes with how we live. Where once, life was all about, “the bigger, the better,” life seems to have taken a turn for, “not so much.” More people are realizing that “having it all” means more than what it sounds.

More people are looking for quality of life as opposed to quantity, and this often starts with the home. Home sizes have increasingly been diminishing as more and more people are finding happiness in other things rather than big mortgages and enormous amounts of space they find they don’t need, or even want.

Nonconformist have been looking for alternatives to living and housing. Many people have come to realize that life is more than just about having a house, and spending all your money to own one. They agree that you do in deed, need shelter, but you can find better ways of providing shelter for you and your family outside of the common and traditional homes and materials used to build them – they have discovered container homes.

What is a container home?

Container homes have become increasingly more popular over the past few years and they are continuing to grow more, as the word about this newest type of housing gets out. A container home does not require all the materials and resources of the traditional home, such as wood, cement, glass and other materials.

That is because container homes are made from cargo containers. Yes, that is correct – containers that had once shipped cargo from one point to its destination, are now being turned into small living spaces. For those who do not feel like they need a lot of space to set-up home, they have been giving them the freedom to have the shelter that they need, without all the expense and upkeep.

People are learning to be creative with cargo containers to turn them into quite the beautiful and unique little pad. From outside, to in, those who have some imagination, can make a container home look like a piece of art, really. The best part of it? It is very common to be able to purchase a used cargo container for under $1000. Once you own your cargo container, you can be as creative as you want to be and although it may be small, you’ll be living large in your container home with all the financial freedom you won’t find in a hefty mortgage.

Need some ideas?

If you are looking for some container home ideas, we have plenty for you to see. Here are 20 of the most beautiful shipping container homes you’ll see anywhere.

Image via www.thelightersideofrealestate.com

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