The Matteucci Gallery Compound in Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico has long been known as an artist mecca and getaway destination from different kinds of travelers. Many people are drawn to the vast expanse of wild terrain—from sweeping hillsides and rocky mountain cliffs to open prairie lands and charming small towns. In the city of Santa Fe, you’ll find an abundance of adobe buildings that blend beautifully against the backdrop of New Mexico. Nothing ever stands out from a distance. However upon closer look, you’ll find that Santa Fe is filled with fascinating real estate gems that are worth your time. The Matteucci Gallery Compound is one incredible example of exactly the kind of delights you can discover in Santa Fe. If you’re a fan of history and art, this compound will astound you to say the least. According to, the historic property is currently for sale at $9.95 million. That’s almost a steal for 20,000 square feet of prime New Mexico real estate. The 1.75-acre of land is enclosed with beautifully kept stone and adobe walls. There are several freestanding buildings within the compound, and each one is characteristically unique yet fitting at the same time.

Nedra Matteucci has maintained the property along with her husband since 1988. Nedra’s husband Richard bought the compound for her. The outdoor part of the compound was once an apple orchard, far unlike what it has transformed into. Matteucci has told a story with the property. The compound itself is the story; it is art in structure. The Nedra Matteucci Gallery was originally founded in 1972, and it’s currently home to an incredible and diverse collection of art from some of America’s most important artists. You’ll find a good balance of master works and contemporary art in both the indoor and outdoor spaces in the gallery. This gallery is just one of the buildings in the compound, and it continues to serve its purpose to this day. You’ll also find an office, one main residence and one guest residence, three guesthouses, a storage space, and a vibrant garden. It has become one of the most iconic buildings in Santa Fe. While it may be difficult to stand out among a sea of museums and galleries that stand in New Mexico, many who have visited the Matteucci Gallery have said there’s something unique about it. Visiting the gallery is an experience—not just your typical museum visit.

Perhaps it’s due to the magic that’s New Mexico to begin with. The state is nicknamed “The Land of Enchantment” because of its natural tendency to be magical anyway. However, many claim that the Matteucci Gallery Compound is another world entirely. It would take a visit to feel the atmosphere for your self. But walking through the main gate of the compound, you’ll immediately feel the rustic and earthy vibe. The wooden gate is flanked by adobe bricks, and a patina-covered bell floats just above. It’s the gateway to a transformed space that’s filled with creativity and tranquility. This entrance leads to immediate access to the main gallery and other buildings. You can make your way right into the gallery or explore some more of the lovely outdoor space. Time here passes slowly, and you’ll feel as if you have infinite amounts of it. Towards the back of the building, you’ll discover a wide courtyard that’s laden with red bricks—a stark contrast to the lush greenery and vegetation surrounding every niche and wall of the compound. The courtyard is a great space for gatherings, especially with Santa Fe’s mostly temperate climate. It’s even nice in the winter when temperatures are much cooler. With stringed lights and light embers on the outdoor furnace, the ambience in the courtyard can’t be any more magnificent.

The courtyard can only be matched in its beauty by another part of the compound. On the other side of the property is where you’ll find the gallery garden, a much larger space than the courtyard. The Nedra Matteucci Garden is one of downtown Santa Fe’s most visited attractions. In fact, many travelers and frequent visitors to the area claim that no one should ever go by Santa Fe and leave without spending time in the gardens at least once. Tranquil and lush, the garden is home to some of the nation’s most exquisite bronze sculptures. Its central feature is a quiet pond that offers visitors a retreat from the usual city hustle. There’s nothing more relaxing than the soft sounds of the waterfall, perhaps, except for the calming flora that invites you to just sit and be still. It’s a treasure that only a property like the Matteucci Compound could offer. The landscaping throughout the compound is a reflection of the garden—soft grass, tall trees, and adobe structures; they all add charm to the already picturesque property.

Apart from the garden, the gallery itself is a sight to behold. The structure is as true to New Mexico architecture as any. Adobe white walls adorn the many halls of the gallery, a blank canvas. The floors are tiled traditionally—dark brown as the color of the earth. The ceilings are gorgeous and sturdy with pine beams that stretch across massive room lengths. The interior parts of the gallery are currently filled with the most amazing contemporary art, but the possibilities for the spaces are endless. The gallery remains open during the process of the sale, but there are no guarantees as to the future of the gallery once a sale goes through. The Matteucci family owns another gallery in another part of Santa Fe, so it’s likely that majority of the art pieces in the property will relocate to a new home. As the Matteucci Gallery Compound awaits its new owners, it remains to be an important part of Santa Fe’s history and culture.

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