20 Romantic Relaxed Style Living Room Ideas

It’s almost that time of year, Valentine’s Day, and that means romance is about to be in the air. This is the perfect time to do a romantic makeover on your living room and give it a lovely, romantic appeal. There are many ways to create a romantic living room with color choices, fabrics, lighting and patterns. Together, these elements work together to create the perfect ambience for romance. It’s a look that should be warm, cozy, and all tied in with an elegant appeal. If you love romance and the feeling it gives you when you’re in the room, take a look at some of the best tips for giving your living room a romantic makeover.

Stick with a light color palette

Romantic colors are often kept in the neutral and pastel categories. One color you can get bold with and is the perfect color for a romantic room, is pink. You can also incorporate other shades of pink, along with pastel shades of yellow, gray and lavender, and blue, into the mix. Lots of creams and neutral tones are also listed on the list of color choices for a romantic style room, so make it as creamy and dreamy as you can.

Use light, sensuous fabrics

Romance can be brought out in both, visual appeal and texture. When it comes to creating a romantic living room, stick to light, sensuous fabrics like silk, chenille, silk and velvet. Even cashmere and light, airy cottons are used in this décor theme, and best of all, they all mix-and-match well. You can use a variety of the textures all throughout the room, from the material on a sofa, a chair, your window treatments, pillows and more. As long as your materials are soft and silky to touch, you can’t go wrong with using it in a romantic-themed living room. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to mixing and matching materials, so have some fun and get in the mood for romance with your textures.

Incorporate patterns

Patterns are traditionally used in romantic décor, but when thinking of romance, most people envision botanicals, damask, and floral patterns. Just because these are main patterns in the theme, it does not mean you can’t incorporate strips or other patterns, but they are often used in combination with the more romantic designs in fabrics. For instance, on a floral patterned sofa or chair, try throwing a couple striped, accent colored throw pillows on it, or maybe you have a sofa or chair patterned in light pastel shades of lavender or gray. You can do the opposite here, and toss a few floral colored throw pillows on the sofa that exhibit the same shade of the lavender or gray as a way to accent the piece.

Ambience lighting works best

Lighting in a romantic setting is typically thought of as low, soft, and sensual. It is hard to get into the romantic mood with bright, harsh lighting. Right? So to keep in the theme of things, lighting should be soft and warm in a romantic living room. Install dimmers on all the switches in the room in order to be able to warm and cozy-up the room for the ultimate romantic look and feel.

Since a romantic living room is all about how it looks and makes you feel, lamps that remind you of romance can be set around the room – pastel colored lampshades, lampshades with tassels, even a lamp with a romantic figurine incorporated on the base stand, are all ways to incorporate romance through your lighting. An elegant crystal chandelier can work well for both, a romantic look, and great ambient lighting. And don’t forget the most beautiful lighting of all – candlelight. Placing candles throughout the room gives you the option to bring a warm, cozy and romantic glow to the room whenever you are in the mood for some candlelight.

For more inspiring ideas, take a look at the following 20 romantic relaxed style living room ideas.

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