20 Beautiful Dining Rooms Incorporating Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to decorate any room. They’re beautiful, versatile, and they have a lot of benefits for rooms where light or square footage is scarce. Mirrors can reflect and enhance certain views your room has outside its windows, or colors from other walls or art pieces, visually increase square footage, and add more light, to lighten and brighten a dark room.

Dining rooms are sometimes just a small room off to the side of the kitchen or formal living room, and they often lack in square footage and natural light, which makes them a great room for using decorative mirrors to help give the room more depth and the perception of a lighter, airier space. If you want to give your dining room a brighter look, create a fabulous focal point, or help reflect its best attributes, here are some tips for using mirrors to do it.

Create a focal point with your mirror

Mirrors make great focal points in a room, especially a dining room. While other rooms, such as your living room or bedroom, typically already have a focal point that exists without realizing it, such as a fireplace or beautiful bed. It may need to be enhanced, but a dining room will usually need a focal point created, whether from a chandelier, a beautiful hutch, or piece of artwork. A mirror can help create a focal point in your dining room, especially if it’s hung over a beautiful buffet that displays a gorgeous set of candles and bouquet of flowers, or another elegant display.

Let it reflect your view

Do you have a gorgeous view just outside a window in your dining room? Maybe a breathtaking mountain or ocean view that you want to bring into your room and dining experience? One way you can share this view throughout the room is to hang mirrors that reflect the view so that everyone can see the view from anywhere in the room. You can use the picturesque view to inspire the style and size of the mirror you hang. And you can use it to color coordinate the design scheme of your dining room.

Avoid reflections of things you don’t want enhanced

One tip to follow when using mirrors in a dining room, is to be sure that the reflection it reveals is one you want seen. For example, if you hang a mirror on a wall opposite your kitchen, that you happen to not be favored to its look and design, or the activity going on in the kitchen while you eat, you may not want to hang the mirror so that that is what you see in it.

Or perhaps a mirror on another wall in your dining room, reflects out into the living room and captures the television on while you dine with guests. This wouldn’t be a picturesque view for an elegant dining experience either. Check all the views you will be getting from a mirror at every angle before you hang it to be sure it is the reflection you want to see, like a beautiful piece of art, a rich color from a wall opposite the mirror, or any other eye-catching reflection.

Go simple, or hang art deco

Mirrors come in all types of designs, styles, sizes and more. You can go big, small and anything in between. You can choose from simple or very elegant mirrors, and shapes and sizes so that your mirror makes the kind of statement you want it to make. For a large wall, you can choose to hang one large mirror to fill the space, or three medium-sized, square mirrors that hang in a linear design across the wall to create a patterned look, or a design mirror that functions as both a reflective wall deco piece, and art.

Be creative and have fun with choosing a mirror(s) for your dining room. When you choose the right mirror and hang it in the right place in your dining room, you can create a visually spacious and inviting place to dine, for both friends and family. If you want more dining room mirror decorating ideas, take a look at the following 20 beautiful dining rooms incorporating mirrors.

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