20 Awesome Dining Table Decor Ideas

The place we eat has a huge effect on the enjoyment of our food. As a result, it makes sense to put some serious effort into decorating the dining room. In particular, the dining table is a natural focal point for the dining room, meaning you should make it look as good as possible. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of options. Thanks to that, if you aren’t sure how you should proceed, you can always search for inspiration.

Here are 20 awesome dining table decor ideas:

1. Consider an Asymmetrical Look

Generally speaking, people like to put their decorations at the center of their dining tables. There is nothing wrong with that. Putting decorations at the center of dining tables is a very orthodox choice. However, orthodox choices wouldn’t be orthodox choices if they weren’t popular, meaning interested individuals should never dismiss them out of hand. Still, you should also consider something more asymmetrical. Such arrangements are great for redirecting attention to where you want it to go. Better still, My Move says asymmetry can make a space feel more lived-in, which is excellent for making you feel more comfortable.

2. A Centerpiece Is a Classic Option

You don’t necessarily have to put a lot of decorations on your dining table. Instead, a tried-and-true solution is having a single centerpiece, which can be either alone or surrounded by a small number of less noticeable things. There isn’t a single quality that gives something centerpiece status. Sometimes, something is a centerpiece because it has bold and brilliant colors that stand out to the senses.

Other times, something is a centerpiece because it is bigger than everything else in the vicinity. What matters is that a centerpiece can capture people’s attention.

3. Play With the Size of the Centerpiece Relative to the Size of Your Dining Room Table

Moving on, you don’t have to get a huge centerpiece relative to the size of your dining room table. That is good if you want to make your dining table feel smaller for whatever reason. However, if you want to encourage interaction, you should get something smaller so it won’t get in the way. Feel free to play around with the size of the centerpiece plus the position of the centerpiece until you come upon a combination that you like.

4. You Don’t Necessarily Have to Have a Centerpiece

Of course, you don’t have to have a centerpiece for your dining table at all. For instance, you might have a lavishly-decorated dining room, meaning you want people to focus on those things. If so, you could leave your dining table either bare or relatively bare, thus encouraging people to look elsewhere.

There aren’t a lot of hard rules when it comes to interior decorating. As a result, you should feel free to go against your assumptions about what should and shouldn’t be if you think the result looks better.

5. Two Centerpieces Can Work Very Well

On a related note, you can go in the opposite direction by putting not one but two centerpieces on your dining table. Please note you need to ensure both items have the visual weight needed to serve as centerpieces, which includes having approximately the same visual weight as one another.

After all, if one of the two items outweighs the other, it will become the sole centerpiece while relegating its counterpart to a lower status. As for why you should consider two centerpieces, the answer is that they can make each other stand out even more by serving as contrasts and complements. Be warned that there is a sharp limit on the number of centerpieces you can have in the same space.

Past a certain point, everything loses its status as a centerpiece because there are too many things for any one of them to stand out as needed.

6. Use a Tray to Tie Decorations Together

Sometimes, you want to put multiple items on your dining table but feel that the finished result looks too messy. When that happens, you should put a tray beneath them. Essentially, trays can tie otherwise separate decorations together into a single scene, thus providing them with an easy sense of unity.

7. Books Are Surprisingly Useful For Decorating a Dining Table

Books might not seem like the best choice of decoration for a dining table. After all, the paper doesn’t mix well with food. Despite this, books can be surprisingly useful for a couple of reasons. One, they can give their surroundings a lived-in feel for a more comfortable experience than otherwise possible.

Two, they can give you the chance to showcase a bit of your personality because what you read says a great deal about who you are as a person. Feel free to choose books based on the image you want to project. Still, be careful about overdoing it because there comes a point when it becomes noticeably pretentious.

8. Get Some Good-Looking Serve Ware

The dining table is where you are supposed to eat. As a result, serve ware is a natural choice for making it look complete. Of course, a good set of serve ware can make a much better impression than its less excellent counterparts. If you aren’t sure what you should get, you should know Grundig and other sources have much to talk about on the issue.

9. Get a Dining Room Bench

When you think of a dining table, chances are good you think of it being accompanied by dining room chairs. However, you do have other options at your disposal, with an excellent example being a dining room bench. Arrow Furniture says a dining room bench has several exciting benefits.

For example, it is practical because it provides more seating. Simultaneously, it offers more intimate seating because of the closeness of the users. Due to this, you can use a dining room bench to shape how people see your dining table.

10. Put Your Decorations On Your Dining Room Bench Instead

You might come upon a decoration that you like but can’t justify putting on your dining table. When that happens, you can put it on your dining room bench instead because its surface offers so much storage space. Since a dining room bench changes the way people perceive a dining room table, this is an indirect way of changing the latter.

11. Candles Make Natural Centerpieces

The primary purpose of lighting is to ensure that people can see in a particular space. Besides that, lighting has a huge effect on how we perceive things, meaning it can be used to enhance a dining experience.

For instance, Homesick mentions the power of candles to create a more comfortable environment through pleasant smells and softer-seeming lighting. On top of that, candles have an old-fashioned feel to them, which works well with certain styles.

12. Candlesticks Are Surprisingly Versatile

It wouldn’t make sense to mention candles without mentioning candlesticks. If nothing else, candlesticks are a great way to add some more detail to the dining table. Traditional candlesticks seem like very elegant, very stately things, thus making them perfect fits for more formal settings. Still, you should know not every candlestick looks that way. They come in just as many designs as everything else for the home, meaning there is an incredible range of choices available for those willing to look for them.

13. Base Your Dining Table On Your Dining Room

The dining table is a natural focal point for the dining room. That doesn’t mean that the dining table has to dominate said space. If you prefer to create a softer, more harmonious feel, you should choose decorations for your dining table that will enable it to fit in with everything else.

14. Base Your Dining Room On Your Dining Table

In contrast, if you want your dining table to stand out, you should lean into its status as a natural focal point. That means you should start by deciding what your dining table should look like.

Subsequently, you should choose decorations for the rest of your dining room based on what will enhance the look of your dining table. Essentially, your dining table is the centerpiece, while everything else in your dining room should revolve around it in one way or another.

15. Put Flowers At the Center of Your Dining Table

Flowers are a perpetually popular choice of decoration for the dining table. They provide a much-needed touch of liveliness, which can be particularly pleasing when their surroundings seem harsh. For that matter, flowers are an excellent choice for a wide range of styles. There is something remarkable about something so beautiful yet so impermanent, meaning it deserves admiration.

16. Put Fresh Fruit At the Center of Your Dining Table

Alternatively, consider putting fresh fruit at the center of your dining table. Fresh fruit doesn’t get the same kinds of accolades as fresh flowers. Even so, they do share some of the same qualities, which carry over surprisingly well to decorating the dining table.

Besides this, there is also a practical element. Eating Well and other sources tend to agree that eating a reasonable amount of fruit is good for people despite the sugar. As a result, if you are going to snack, you might as well snack on something relatively healthy.

17. Put Potted Plants At the Center of Your Dining Table

Both flowers and fruits perish with surprising speed. If you are concerned about wastefulness but still want a touch of nature, you should go for potted plants on your dining table. The BBC and other sources are consistent about plants being good for us for reasons that go beyond the practical. Due to that, potted plants are an easy way to make a space more inviting. That is particularly true because you can choose from a seemingly endless array of plants that go well with a similar range of looks.

18. Vases Are Always an Easy Way to Add Some Visual Interest

Vases are another classic option for decorating a dining table. That is true whether they are full or not because they have considerable aesthetic value in their own right. Conveniently, vases are also remarkably wide-ranging objects. You can get everything from perfectly-shaped vases with beautifully-painted scenes to crudely made, barely-adorned vases that are all about playing up the ideas of simplicity, spontaneity, and impermanence.

19. Consider Using Several Vases For Greater Effect

Speaking of which, you should consider using several vases together for greater effect. By default, each vase has a great deal of visual weight. As a result, they are an obvious choice if you want to give your dining table multiple centerpieces. Better still, their range makes it easier to create whatever scenes you desire.

Similar-looking vases are excellent for creating a unified scene that has more power than the mere sum of its parts. Different-looking vases are well-suited for creating more eclectic, more unusual-seeming scenes with the ability to intrigue.

20. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Favorite Decorations Close Together

On a final note, your dining table is a chance for you to make yourself happy. Due to this, you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue decorating options that you like but fear is too unorthodox. Sometimes, the best arrangement for your dining table is to squeeze your favorite decorations together into the same space even though they seem like they shouldn’t work well together.

Beauty is an extremely variable thing that differs from person to person. If you think the result looks good, you should feel free to put vastly different things together in the same space. That is particularly true if you don’t plan on entertaining much, meaning you are the one whose impressions will matter even more than normal.

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