20 Dining Rooms With Beautiful Farm Tables

The dining table is one of the most important choices you’ll make for your kitchen or dining area. It not only serves as a functional piece of furniture, but it creates a focal point for your room. The look of a farmhouse table is simplistic and natural. They’re typically made of natural woods with a rustic look, often letting things like knotholes, dings, discolorations and other imperfections shine through. White, black and brown are often the colors you’ll see associated with farm tables and they come in an array of sizes, shapes and styles. Bench style seating is common to see at a farmhouse table, which stems from the number of family members that were typically associated with farming families. Big family meals were common place on the farm, and with the perfect farmhouse table, they can still be the focus of the family in your home. Choosing the right table for your farmhouse kitchen will require taking a few things into consideration before you run out and purchase one. Here are a few ideas to think about when deciding on the style and size of your farmhouse table.

What will the table be used for?

You might think it would be easy to think about what your table would be used for, but actually, tables are used for a number of purposes, which could influence you on the type of material your table will be made of before you buy it or have one made. If you plan to use your table primarily for meals then you will want a type of wood that is more resistant to spills and is easily maintained when it comes to cleaning it. Examples of more easily maintained woods include Oak and maple, while pine, birch and poplar are not as durable. Along those lines, stained woods are easier maintenance woods as opposed to painted tables. If you are a fan of glass top tables, keep in mind that glass isn’t typically thought of as a farmhouse material, but certain metals are, so if wood table tops aren’t your thing, you may want to consider opting for a stainless steel or copper top table. Reclaimed woods bring a bit of charm and character to a kitchen table. They typically already display their own imperfections, like distressed and weathered areas, as well as some wood knots, dents and probably scratches. All the natural imperfections can help mask the little mishaps that happen over the years, and actually add more character to the table.

What shape should you choose?

The shape of your table should match the shape of the dining area and space available. Every kitchen is different in design, which means you will want to find the table that will work for yours. Rectangular shaped farmhouse tables are the most common, however, not all kitchens can house a long rectangular table. The long rectangular table gives you more space and comfort when eating meals, but it can also create less intimate meals if the table isn’t full. If your dining area is smaller, try a round or square table that has the option of extending if you have added guests for dinner. Most tables are designed to expand with a leaf.

Accessorize your table

Choose some rugged or classic style chairs to pair with your table to tie the farmhouse look together. Chairs with thick, chunky-style legs to match the chunky style legs of the table is one idea, or two side benches that blend with two X-back end chairs is another option. If you like the look of metal, a set of weathered metal chairs that add a vintage charm to the set is another way to create a farmhouse table look. There are even plenty of ideas you can come up with for adding a farmhouse look with patterned cushioning on your chairs. Above the table, a beautiful rustic style chandelier really adds to the look. You can choose from a wide range of chandeliers that will enhance your farmhouse look, from metal style chandeliers, chandeliers with candles, globes, and many others that will fit your personal taste and style. Set the table on a large area rug and add a centerpiece to the table. Table runners always make a great accessory to a farmhouse table, especially when one or two, depending on the shape and length of the table, are run across the short ends of the table.

To get even more ideas for your farmhouse table, take a look at the following 20 pictures of dining rooms with beautiful farmhouse tables to get more inspired.

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