Five Different Ways to Upgrade Your Picture Frame Molding

Picture frame molding is a beautifully designed molding that gives any home, an elegant and unique design flair that stands out. Picture frame molding can be used in any room of the house, or in all rooms, if you choose, however, common rooms you’ll many times find picture frame molding are in the dining room, living room, and even the master bedroom. While crown molding is one way to give your room added character and style, picture molding takes it a step further and gives a room a beautiful focal point. If you already have picture frame molding on the walls of any room but want to upgrade them to give them a fresh new look, you can upgrade them in an array of ways. Here are five ways to upgrade your picture frame molding.

1. Beneath the chair rail only

Some rooms deserve the elegant look of picture frame molding, but not all rooms are created equal in the sense of wall space. While some rooms are designed with spacious wall space that allows for picture frame molding above and below a chair rail, not all rooms have the same design equality. Maybe you simply prefer the molding to be installed only below the chair rail to free-up the upper wall space for bigger pieces of art, or a mirror, or any  other reason. Picture frame molding below a chair rail is a great way to add elegance to a dining room, a bedroom, and even works well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

2. Above and beneath the chair rail

If you want to really add character to your walls, picture frame molding installed above and below the chair rail is a great way to give any room beautiful character and appeal. Whether you choose single panes, double panes, or perhaps an inlayed picture molding, no matter your choice, any way you design it picture frame moldings installed above and below the chair rail will make your room pop.

3. Add color inside the picture frame molding

A great way to make picture frame molding stand out is by adding a splash of color to the inside of each frame. Whether you add a neutral tone inside each frame, or go for the gusto and paint the inside of each frame a bolder hue, you can make the molding and trim work in your room really pop. Use picture frame molding to accent your room in a stylish, more dramatic effect.

4. Add texture inside the picture frame

For those that love texture in a room, try adding texture to your walls by updating your picture frame molding with a textured material inside each frame. Grass cloth is a beautiful touch for a dining room with picture frame molding, or perhaps another textured wallpaper better fits your decor theme. Textures don’t have to appear in just furniture pieces, drapery, and other decor elements, like floor rugs. With picture frame molding, you can incorporate texture into the wall space by framing your favorite textured paper and keep the texture flowing.

5. Two layered molding

A frame inside of frame; that’s a two-layered picture frame mold that really adds a lot of character to the walls. This type of picture frame molding is often seen in elegant entries, dining areas, among other rooms. If you want to update your picture frame molding, try increasing the size of the outer rectangle or square and adding a second, inner molding to give it a more significant look that really stands out and catches the eye when you walk in the room.

Picture frame molding is extremely versatile and can be a great accent to any home and room. If you feel like your picture frame molding doesn’t quite have the elegance, or wow-factor it used to have or that you want it to have, try updating it in any of the above ways, or find other picture frame molding options to chose from. Picture frame molding is easy to install yourself, if you love DIY projects, or you can hire someone to install it for you. Updating your picture frame molding is an easy and low-cost way to give your home or any room a brand new look and feel.

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