10 Different Ways to Use an IKEA Sheepskin

The flooring you choose can make or break a room. No matter what type of flooring you choose, adding a type of throw or area rug, can really add to the room, giving it a homey and more appeal look, not to mention, the perfect rug can make it a more comfortable place to walk. One of the most versatile and most beautiful types of area rugs is the sheepskin area rug. It adds a beautiful and luxurious look to any room, and can really cozy-up the space. If you aren’t familiar with sheepskin rugs, they are rugs created out of the skin of a sheep with the wool still attached. They are warm and fuzzy, and can be added to virtually any room décor theme. Sheepskin rugs are not only versatile in what type of décor you can mix and mingle them with, but they are versatile in how you use them. While many people choose to toss them down on the floor as part of their floor décor, there are multiple other ways you can use a sheepskin rug in your room. Take a look at the following 10 different ways to use an IKEA sheepskin rug.

1. Comfy chair cover

When you throw a pelt of sheepskin over the back of a chair, especially a hard, wooden or metal chair, you not only give the chair a comfortable back rest that allows you to sit comfortably, but it looks very chic and adds a sense of uniqueness to your room.

2. Comfortable bathmat rug

Everyone wants something warm and comfortable to step on in the bathroom. The most utilized room in the home, the bathroom, is often forgotten about when it comes to decorating details. You spend a lot of time standing in front of the vanity and other areas of the bathroom, and most often, your feet are craving a warm, comfy spot to stand. Why not use a warm and beautiful sheepskin rug to give your bathroom a boost in style and comfort?

3. Social media backdrop

Are you into social media? Do you often take pics of items that you post on Instagram, Facebook, a blog, or any other media outlet and wish you had a beautiful backdrop for the items you photograph? A sheepskin rug makes a beautiful backdrop for things like food items, pictures, invitations, or anything else you photograph that needs a inviting backdrop to bring out the best in your photographed materials.

4. Bring a room together for coziness

Large living rooms or studies can often seem a bit overwhelming with space, especially if there is a limited amount of furniture in the large room. If you want to help bring a large room together and give it a better sense of coziness, try throwing a sheepskin rug under the coffee table in front of the sofa, or place one in the center of a seating area to help soften the look and feel of an oversized room.

5. Pet friendly and makes a great snuggle spot for them

It’s no secret that pets love to get comfortable and cuddle-up to soft materials. When it comes to napping, you probably already know that they will hunt down the most cuddly spots in the home, whether it’s on a soft blanket on the couch, your bed, or their soft pet bed. You can give your pet a little bit of luxury and style when you create a cuddle spot just for them with their own sheepskin rug.

6. Soften your bench seat

Benches can be a neat look for many different rooms, from the bedroom, living room, an attic room, or a window bench seat in the kitchen. Although they add character and style, they aren’t always the most comfortable unless you add some type of padding. When choosing a soft seat cover for your bench, try slipping a sheepskin cover on the seat to add a bit of chicness to your bench, and room. You’ll love the way it looks and feels and it may soon become a favorite seat in the room.

7. Warm-up with a sheepskin throw blanket

On those chilly nights when you wish you had something to snuggle under while you read, watch TV, or chill out on your bed or sofa, instead of a traditional blanket for a throw, you can use a Sheepskin to keep you warm and snuggly. You’ll find it does a better job of warming you all over, and when you’re done, the throw makes a nice accent piece on the sofa, chair or bed.

8. When you don’t want color

Not everyone wants a lot of color tones in a room, but they do appreciate texture. Sheepskins give you the added texture you want, without being overstated and adding color you just don’t want. Sheepskins are all about simplicity when that’s all you are looking for.

9. Chic stool covers

Do you have a stool or two that could use a new cover, or maybe you just want to add a whole new look to the stool? Sheepskin can cover stools and give them a whole new look. Why not add some personality and flair to a boring old bar stool, or add a touch of class to your vanity stool in the bathroom instead of keeping your stools looking old, tired and boring?

10. A soft place to step

When you step out of bed, your feet crave a warm soft place to land. Your feet will thank you when they step out of bed onto something soft and warm instead of a hard, cold floor. In front of your baby’s crib is another place you spend a lot of time standing, often barefoot in the middle of the night, so make it a soft place to stand with a sheepskin rug.

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