20 Ways BrylaneHome Can help You With Your Home

When it’s time to give your home a refresh, it really doesn’t take a lot to give any space a new look and feeling, in fact, you can change up the humdrum decor with a few simple and inexpensive items. BrylaneHome is a company that is dedicated to providing their customers with an assortment of home decor, furnishings, bedding and other indoor and outdoor items with a strong focus on style as well as value. The company was established in 1998 and they’ve been providing excellent products and customer service for more than two decades. If you’re not yet familiar with BrylaneHomes and their interior and exterior home collections, then you’ve been missing out on some amazing deals, but you’re in the right place to discover 20 ways that they can help you with your home decor, whether you’re on a budget or are just tired of paying high prices for quality items.

1. BrylaneHomes offers a convenient way to shop for home decor

BrylaneHomes will send monthly catalogs to your home so you can take your time and look through a hard copy of the items that they offer for sale. Most of us lead busy lives and when we get a break in the action, it’s nice to relax and thumb through the pages to get ideas about the different home decor items that can make a difference in the look and feel of a home. Stacy Fisher describes how easy it is to start your own subscription to have BrylaneHomes catalogs sent directly to your mailing address. The catalogs are free and there are no subscription costs and a new edition comes each month. They’re available for anyone who has a US address and the only information you’ll need to provide is your first and last name, along with your mailing address. you don’t need to sign up with a user account, like some companies require, just make the request on their website and tell them who to send the catalogs and where to send them. It couldn’t be easier.

2. You can choose multiple catalogs in your request

Brylane Home offers a wide range of merchandise for bedroom, bath, kitchen and living areas in the home, as well as special items around the holidays and outdoor items as well. When you request your monthly catalog, you will also be given the options of requesting catalogs from their sister companies who offer similar products to give you a wider range of choices from Jessica London, Raoman’s and Woman Within catalogs. You will find this page online.

3. There are three different ways to shop

We all have our own preferences for shopping for home decor items. BrylaneHome gives their customers three different ways to shop. You can place your order from the printed catalog though the US mail by sending in your order on the enclosed form found in each catalog and send the completed order form along with your payment to the address provided on the form. You can also call them at 1-800-445-3513 7 days a week between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm MST. Just have your customer number found in the yellow box that is located on the back of your catalog, the item number for each thing on your order, the color, size and number of the item you want to order and complete your order over the phone. You can also go online and shop directly from their website.

4. BrylaneHome saves you money

First, the catalogs are free. Second, the prices at BrylaneHome are already affordable to make living good less affordable. Finally, there is another great way to save even more on select purchases made at Brylane through coupons and codes which are offered on various sites throughout the internet. For example, by visiting this site, you can find five codes that will give you discounts of up to $15 on certain BrylaneHomes purchases. Customers who are familiar with the various discounts and coupon codes available for the retailer are welcome to share them on this site as well, so everyone gets in on even more savings when shopping at BrylaneHomes. You can also visit Retailmenot to find yet more coupon codes and save up to 75 percent in deals on more than 150 different items with one code, or up to 50 percent off with another and free shipping on orders of $75 or more, special codes for saving half on all window decor, another for up to 75 percent off of more than 800 items that have already been marked down on clearance items, 50 percent off of select bedding, outdoor items, 90 day deferment on select items, 30 percent off on selected recliners, chairs and accessories and special deals on curtains starting at just $9.99 and all of the codes on these sites have been verified.

5. Shopping rewards program

BrylaneHome also has a shopping rewards program that lets you earn even more in savings just for shopping with them. Comenity bank is offering a BrylaneHome Platinum credit card that gives the card holder a lot of really cool benefits. For example, you can get in on special deals before they expire by using the card and putting them on credit so you can pay as you go. With the rewards program you earn 2 points for every dollar you spend using the card at any of the Fullbeauty brands, and BrylaneHome is just one of many so there will be several places you can use the card to earn rewards points. you earn a $10 certificate every time you earn 400 points on the card and it can be redeemed at BrylaneHome. You will also receive special discounts on your birthday and four orders with free shipping per year. The card comes with fraud protection and there is no annual fee. You can find more information on the card and how to apply at Upgrade.

6. You can get great ideas for home improvement

The BrylaneHomes catalogs offer vibrant pictures with full descriptions of the items that they offer in the monthly catalog and you can get some great ideas on how to add new furnishings or a few accents that can change the look and feel of your home. The online site is just as good when you need to browse to find new inspirations. There are times when we all need to get a refresh on how to approach making our homes more attractive and BrylaneHomes is a good resource for getting a new perspective.

7. There’s always something new

BrylaneHomes helps you to discover new and fresh ideas in home decor because there’s always something new that is offered. That’s why the catalogs are mailed out monthly. They also have a special category set aside on their website under the heading of What’s New, so you won’t miss out on what could become the next trend in home decor.

8. You can re-imagine your bathroom with BrylaneHome

The bathroom is an area that seems to get the least amount of attention, but when guests need to make use of the facility, if you’re cringing then it’s time to give yours an update. BrylaneHome carries a huge selection of towels and other bathroom linens as well as window treatments, bath rug sets, and other decor and organization accessories that can make your bathroom go from so-so to truly amazing.

9. You can accessorize the kitchen for a brand new look

Sometimes changes as simple as a new set of dinnerware, salt and pepper shakers or new glassware can give you a lift when you set your table. At BrylaneHome, you can find a good selection of kitchen accessories which includes dinnerware, glassware, serving pitchers and much more. They also offer some great kitchen window treatments in updated and modern themes, and this is just one more way that BrylaneHome can give you a hand.

10. They inspire designer yards

BrylaneHome has so many different items for the outside of your home that you’ll probably spend a long time looking through the options. We noticed a bird bath that had an antiquated look that was one of the most beautiful we’ve seen at it was offered at just $29.95. Looking through BrylaneHome catalogs or through the online outdoor items can inspire you to add just a few items to your yard that will give it the look and feeling that you desire, whether it’s whimsical, or a bit more on the sophisticated side.

11. They’ve got you covered for camping and event style

Another item that we noticed at BrylaneHome was a very unique camping chair. You can check it out here. It’s one of the most functional and attractive camp chairs we’ve seen and it comes with a canopy that will protect you from the hot sun rain or wind if you’re at an outdoor event. The styling is chic for a camping chair and it’s available in a wide variety of colors. This chair is just one great example of how BrylaneHome can help you to make improvements to your home as well as to your life. The chair, like many other products that they carry is very unique, yet classy and it’s so practical that it gives you the best of two worlds in style and function.

12. BrylaneHome has home office ideas

BrylaneHome even carries a good selection of office furniture options. If you have a home office and you need some ideas on how to make it more comfortable and attractive, then you’ll want to visit the section on office chairs and furnishings because they carry them as well.

13. You can transform your windows

When it comes to updating a home or even a room within a home for that matter, changing the window treatments can give a room a brand new look and even change the mood of the room. BrylaneHome has an amazing selection of curtains, rods and other kinds of window treatments to help you achieve the look that you want. There are quite a few different styles, sizes, patterns and materials in their inventory of curtains and other window accessories and this is one more way that they can help you to improve your home decor.

14. You can go luxury on a budget with BrylaneHome

A great example of how you can use BrylaneHome to make the transition from nice to luxury is a gold flatware set that they offer. The set even comes with its own hardshell carrying case and it is valued at $300 but only costs $149.99 through BrylaneHome. They offer everything from basic and no frills items to some of the most unique that you can find on the market today.

15. You can improve the efficiency of your home with BrylaneHome

As you browse through the items that the company has available, you’ll notice that they have quite a few home convenience appliances such as an attractive stand alone ice maker. You don’t need to plumb this into your refrigerator and it sits on a countertop, making it very convenient when you or guests need more ice.

16. You can get better organized

With BrylaneHome you can also find items that will help you to stay better organized while improving the looks of your home. They carry stylish ottomans with built in storage beneath the cushions, and a variety of storage benches and other items to help you get better organized. You can get some great ideas for your home by browsing through this section.

17. You can see how an item will look in several different colors

One of the things we love about the BrylaneHome website is that you can look at an item, and just by rolling the cursor over the choices, it automatically brings the item up in the chosen color or new style instantly. This gives you a better idea of what it really looks like vs. guessing with a small color dot.

18. Find everything you need to organize your laundry room

There is even a section that is dedicated to laundry room organization. We found some interesting laundry hampers in a variety of different styles along with drying racks.We were impressed by the uniqueness and quality and you can check them out for yourself here.

19. You have choices

When you decide to make a few updates to your home, whether its an entire decorating scheme or one room at a time, often, you’re limited to what the brick and mortar retailers have on hand, and you can’t always get inspired by what you see. BrylaneHome gives you a wider array of choices that is really helpful in coming up with new ideas and decorating schemes for the interior and exterior of your home.

20. BrylaneHome gives you great holiday ideas

Whether you need to shop for items to spice up your home for the holidays, or you’re looking for a unique gift for a very special person, BrylaneHome has you covered. It’s a great place to shop for holiday items and after the holidays, some of the merchandise is discounted to the bone ,making your savings even more spectacular.

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