How to Find the Best Hurricane Shutters for Your Home

After you have satisfied your basic needs, safety comes second in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So whenever you find people scampering in case their security is under threat, they are justified to do so, according to this theory. The same argument applies to you when you live in an area prone to hurricanes; you can never be too cautious, and the first thing that you should consider is getting hurricane shutters. However, with so many in the market, how do you know which one will serve you best in keeping you and your family safe? Let’s take a peek at how to find the best hurricane shutters for your home but first;

What are hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters, also known as hurricane covers, are used to protect houses as well as other kinds of structures from damage that storms may cause. They prevent flying objects during hurricanes from breaking windows which would increase the chances of your roof caving in due high-pressure difference. Homeowners can fix them outside of their homes using hurricane clips, a track system or screws. When there is no storm, you can fold them away, that is if you are using the motorized ones.  So what constitutes a good shutter?

The closing time during a storm

You are in a panic and want to close the shutters immediately to keep your family safe. However, hurricane shutters are usually heavy, and therefore it can be difficult closing them; considering that you will be going through the entire house will take some time, often hours, and effort. For this sole reason, those in hurricane-prone areas prefer to have their shutters closed throughout. If on the other hand, you do not need one in an area that experiences storms very often, you might want to keep the shutters open. However, you should brace yourself for that time the storm comes, and the best way is to ask the manufacturer for the approximate time it will take to close the shutters. Manual shutters can take time while motorized ones can be shut in a few minutes.

Construction material

Shutters can be constructed from different materials. Plywood shutters are cheap, and you can DIY since they are just sheets of plywood covering your window. Other materials used include aluminum and steel which are durable. Most shutters from metals are permanent meaning they will also significantly affect the appearance of your home.

Type of shutters

You can choose roll-up shutters which have a motor that enables you to roll them up and down. They are best to protect your home since they are not only easy to use, but they also have an aesthetic appeal and do not obstruct the window when not in use. If you have wide windows, the accordion shutters are an ideal option that also caters to large glass doors. They are light and easy to operate even for one person; their main downside is that they do not have an attractive appearance. When looking for shutters that will also provide shade, then the Bahama shutters should top your list. Besides looking good, they provide anti-theft protection. Alternatively, you can go for the colonial shutters that also offer sun protection. However, they can take quite a while to close despite them being durable and offering an aesthetic appeal.

Code compliance

As much as you may want to have a particular type of hurricane shutters, if they do not comply with the wind codes in your area, then you will be in violation. You should, therefore, ask the manufacturer for such details because you may find that hurricane shutters built for one state are not suitable for another.


When installing shutters, especially permanent ones, ensure that they blend well with your home in terms of color. Since you can find shutters in many colors, go for a color that suits your taste. As for temporary shutters, you can get creative and use different colors that combine well with your preferred theme.


In the end, it’s about what you can afford. However, we keep hearing that cheap is expensive so you might want to consider more than the price for something that can help to draw the line between life and death when a hurricane strikes. Therefore go for something durable as much as you are considering their price.

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