What Are Bahama Shutters and What Are They Used For?

Bahama shutters are window shutters made in a specific style. They’re one of many different window shutter kinds, but they stand apart from other types because of their unique appearance and function. If you’ve seen examples of these lovely home additions, you might be curious about why people choose to use Bahama shutters. You may also wonder if they’re durable, effective, and affordable. Despite being attractive, they have a lot to offer homeowners. The shutters have more benefits than just dressing up a building. Bahama shutters have practical purposes that you might also find intriguing. We’ve prepared a guide to reveal the benefits of Bahama shutters with any potential drawbacks, along with everything else you need to know to decide if they’re right for your home.

What are Bahama shutters?

Window shutters come in various styles, but some are made to endure more intense weather events. Bahama shutters fall into this category. They’re shutters designed to protect your home and its contents from strong winds and rain. You’ll see them more often on homes and businesses in tropical regions where hurricane-force storms are known to roll in. They’re exterior-mounted shutters that protect the outside of a window. They’re set at a 45-degree angle, with hinges at the top of the window for fast and easy access. When a storm rolls in, the shutters can be closed quickly. They may be left open to enjoy the benefits of a sunny day, or closed to provide darkening of a room or more privacy and security. They prop open easily at different angles to allow sunshine to enter the building. Bahama shutters also fall under the category of hurricane shutters for practical application. They are also known as Bermuda shutters.

Where do Bahama shutters come from?

The name of these shutters is descriptive of their country of origin. The Bahama shutter design was first designed in the Caribbean where it has been used for hundreds of years. The people who live in regions where tropical storms abound found it necessary to protect their homes and businesses with a system of closing up the building that was ready to go on a moment’s notice. They were made out of necessity, but through the years, their functionality and attractiveness made them popular in other parts of the world. Bahama shutters are used in many parts of the Southern United States where weather systems can roll in quickly and cause property damage.

How do Bahama shutters work?

Bahama shutters can be opened at varying degrees, depending on the amount of sunlight you wish to allow into a room. When closed they fit on the outside of windows, protecting from wind and flying debris. they stand between the glass and objects with the potential for damage, according to Decor Home Ideas. They’re installed with top pivots with hinges at the top and struts at the bottom that allows homeowners to push the shades outward and away from the house to allow the maximum amount of airflow and sunshine into the home. Bahama shutters come in a few different options. Some of them are manually operated and can be opened via a lever, and cranked outward. They also make Bahama shutters that operate automatically. They are equipped with a motor that opens and closes them at the push of a button, for convenience.

What are Bahama shutters made of?

Bahama shutters are made of sturdy materials that can hold up in adverse weather. Protection is the main purpose of the design, followed by convenience and aesthetics. You have a choice of three material types when deciding which Bahama shutters to install. They come in traditional wood material which has its pros and cons. Wood is a sturdy material that is attractive, and affordable, but these shutters require maintenance to keep them weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing. Aluminum shutters are the most common currently. The materials are strong yet lightweight. They’re cheaper than wood or composite types. They come in various styles and can be painted to match the colors of the home. Composite shutters are the strongest type. They’re sturdier than either wood or aluminum and have a longer lifespan. Bahama shutters also come in vinyl, which is strong and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters add beauty to the home, but there are pros and cons associated with them. Advance knowledge of the pluses and minuses can help you decide if this style is the best choice for your home or business. Bahama shutters are permanent installations that do not need to be taken down. They perform their functions for the life of your home when properly cared for and maintained. It eliminates the need to board up windows when inclement weather is predicted for your area.

Bahama shutters are easy to install

Although many prefer to have professionals install Bahama shutters, they’re not difficult to install if you have a little carpentry experience. You can purchase Bahama shutter kits that come with complete installation instructions. The instructions walk you through the entire process in a step-by-step format. The instructions also tell you which tools you need to complete the project.

Bahama shutters increase a home’s value and appearance

Bahama shutters give your home or business curb appeal. They are attractive and unique shutters that add to the appeal of any building. The addition of these shutters changes the look of the structure positively. They’re stylish accents, adding a tropical feel. The shutters can add to the value of your home. In addition to giving it a more visually pleasing aesthetic, they also provide extra protection that adds value to the home or other structure. Bahama shutters add security. Thieves typically enter homes and businesses through the windows. They’re not shy about breaking the glass to gain entry. When you’re away, closing Bahama shutters enhance your level of security. They seal the entry. Intruders can not look in through the glass to inspect your contents, and it would take them a long time to break through the shutters. They’re deterrents to thieves.

Bahama shutters increase your privacy

There are times when we enjoy leaving the windows open to enjoy the rays of the sun or a gentle breeze, but other times when we want our privacy. When closed, Bahama shutters can darken a room, making it easier to watch television or films in your home entertainment center. They block out light and they also keep the interior free of prying eyes. They provide total privacy from the outside.

Protection from the weather

One of the best benefits of Bahama shutters is the protection they provide. When closed, Bahama shutters keep out the heat and intense sunlight. They also keep out the weather and protect your window glass from the threats generated by intense weather conditions. They’re essential in areas that experience severe wind, rain, hurricanes, or tornadic weather. They also protect the home from driving rain. they also help to keep the home cooler on hot days.

Choice of styles

Bahama shutters come in a range of styles and colors. The screens come in various materials and designs. They can be customized to fit various window sizes and shapes. The shutters can also be made in colors that complement the current colors of the building

They’re convenient

Bahama shutters add convenience to the lives of people who live in intense storm areas. Instead of taking days to board up windows and prepare for a hurricane, you can close these permanent fixtures in just a few minutes to prepare for a major storm event. Installing Bahama shutters on your home or business can save hours of labor and expense. Some close automatically at the push of a button.


The benefits of owning Bahama shutters are immense, but there are a few drawbacks. Bahama shutters are made in a design that can be more fragile than other frameworks. This is particularly true for some of the more intricate fancy designs. The design is durable and weather-resistant, but the framework and design are not the strongest type of shutter you can buy.

Bahama shutters prevent full sun

Another potential drawback of installing Bahama shutters is that they do not allow the full benefit of the sun to flow through the windows. They do shut out a lot of sunlight. They also make your home more private. If you’re not okay with a little darker room, they might not be the best option for you. This is not a style that works well for all windows or all tastes in decorating. These are just a few considerations to make before you install Bahama shutters.

Can you install Bahama shutters yourself?

Most home and business owners have Bahama shutters professionally installed, but you can install them yourself if you know the proper methods. It’s essential to check out the building codes in your city or county before you start. You may need permits in some areas. Before you buy a Bahama shutter kit, make sure that it comes with complete and easy-to-follow instructions. If you have basic knowledge about construction and DIY you can complete the installation on your own.

Are Bahama shutters just for tropical regions?

Bahama shutters are most common in tropical regions but work on any structure with windows. Whether the need is for protection from weather or you want to enhance your privacy or security, they are suitable for installation in any region. They are exceptional options for hot climates. They’re comforts where the sunlight is bright and causes overheating in homes and businesses. They add an extra layer of privacy and security, even if you don’t need protection from intense wind and blowing debris. Bahama shutters are not just for buildings in tropical regions. They are practical and attractive in any part of the country.

Where can Bahama shutters be used?

Bahama shutters have a variety of different applications. They work on practically any structure with windows that need protecting. You can install them on your home, business, or other outbuildings. Install Bahama shutters on Gazebos, garages, or any other building with windows. They are versatile shutters with practicality and beauty that can enhance the eye appeal of any structure. You get all this and protection from the damage of inclement weather. People who live in areas prone to dangerous weather like wind, rain, thunderstorms, and more, can benefit from installing Bahama shutters to prevent property damage. Whether you live in a mansion, operate a local business, or live in a small home, Bahama shutters provide an affordable option for protecting your investment.

Final thoughts

Bahama shutters are practical and attractive additions to any home or business. They help protect windows from damage in regions where storm activity is intense. They’ve been around for hundreds of years in the Caribbean. They come from places where hurricanes have become a constant threat. The design of the shutters makes them easy to close when a pending storm threatens. They save time and effort, eliminating the need to use costly supplies to board windows shut during inclement weather. Jobs that could take hours or even days are no longer necessary when Bahama shutters are in place. Some types of Bahama shutters close and lock manually. Updated and modern versions have a motorized mechanism that allows you to shut them automatically with the push of a button. These shutters are a versatile style of window protection that is useful on many levels. It enhances the security and privacy of a home or business, and it may even increase the value. They come in many styles and colors and make a home or business more attractive. Bahama shutters are currently trending in the Southern part of the United States, where their practicality and good looks have captured the eyes of home and business owners. You can hire a professional to install them quickly or do it yourself with a pre-made kit that comes complete with installation instructions.

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