20 Homes with Incredible Brick Driveways

Landscaping is a big part of your home’s overall appearance. You’ve heard of “curb appeal.” This is how your home is viewed from the curb as cars drive by. Does the curb appeal for your home have a welcoming, appealing look that stands out to passerby’s? Things such as your landscaping, upkeep and design or color choices of your home are part of what affects the curb appeal. Another element of your home that can really give your home a unique and beautiful look is your driveway. Concrete driveways that lead to the house are the most common types of drives you’ll see at most homes, and most people are fine with the basic concrete drive, but did you know that you can really boost the look and beauty of your home by adding a brick driveway to your home? Paver bricks are attractive and can really make a difference for your home’s overall curb appeal. If you’re looking for a way to make your driveway pop, here’s more about using paver bricks for to create a stunning driveway for your home.

What are paver bricks?

Paver bricks are made of clay. They are formed and shaped, primarily into rectangles, then cured. They differ from the typical brick in that they are solid, smooth and without any holes or gaps, which makes them the best choice for designing and laying driveways with. While most brick pavers are rectangular in shape and clay colored, more designs and colors have been introduced on the market, which gives homeowners a broader choice of looks and designs for they drive. Whether you want an aged look for the driveway, or a more modern look that flows with the look of your home and landscape plans, the choices for homeowners are much broader than years before. No matter the design or color of the bricks, they are all set using one of two components, sand or mortar.

How to care for your paved brick driveway

Like with anything having to do with your home, paver bricks do require proper maintenance in order to preserve their integrity. Over time, the elements and hot sun beating down on them will begin to age the bricks, and make them look old and worn. Here are a few tips for keeping  your paver bricks looking good and intact for a more appealing look.

  • Pressure washing – If you decide on paver bricks for your driveway, plan to pressure wash your bricks at least twice a year. Washing away stuck-on dirt, debris, mold, oil and other contaminants can greatly improve the look and longevity of your bricks. Pressure washing can bring back the beautiful newness of the your drive and bring it back to life again.
  • Evaluate your drive for cracked or broken pavers on a routine basis – It’s a good idea to walk the drive on a routine basis to look for bricks that may have broke or cracked and could affect the integrity of a bigger area of pavers, causing others to break or get out of place. Keeping your pavers in good condition not only affects the aesthetics of your drive, but it may also affect how your car drives over the drive; pavers that are in good condition and intact make for a smooth drive, while broken or displaced pavers can create a rough or bumpy drive.
  • Re-pack loose bricks – Over time, bricks may break loose from the sand or mortar setting. While walking the drive looking for cracked or broken bricks, also take notice of bricks that have broken loose from their setting. If you locate any loose bricks, simply repack the brick with fresh sand to tighten the bond between bricks. If your bricks are set in mortar, add fresh mortar around the loose brick.
  • Seal your bricks – Each time you clean your bricks with a pressure washer, follow behind the wash with a seal job, but always allow your bricks to fully dry before sealing. This may take a day or two, maybe more in rainy season. Sealing your bricks after washing them helps to prevent premature breakdown and peeling of  the pavers. There are seals available that will give your pavers a shiny look without actually using a glossy material. By sealing your bricks, you can help them to last up to 25 years, if they are installed properly and well-maintained through the years.

Cost of brick pavers

Brick pavers are not as expensive as you might think. On average, you can expect to pay approximately $5 per square foot for a brick driveway. If you plan to do the brick laying yourself, of course you won’t be paying a dime for installation, however, if you choose to, or need to hire out, you can expect to pay about $25 per square foot for installation. While these are the average costs for the average brick job, more expensive bricks due to shape or color, may run you a bit higher.

If you have had the desire to have a beautiful brick driveway leading to your home, take a look at the following 20 homes with incredible brick driveways that will inspire you to go for the gusto and add a gorgeous new look to your home’s curb appeal.

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