20 Ideas For The Perfect Balcony

Here you have 20 ideas that will make from your balcony the most inspiring space of your home. It’s always nice having the opportunity of taking a good breath of fresh air in the morning, while sipping your coffee along with your beloved one. It sounds a little bit like a French cliche, but I don’t believe there is actually someone that would say “pass” to something like this.

In the photo gallery you will see that plants are a good way to revive a balcony, creating lush sceneries, even though the surroundings picture a concrete city. Comfortable seats are also a big deal, so adding pillows even on the most elementary chairs makes the difference between comfort and discomfort.

And another great advantage given by the balconies are the open views that they offer. They could easily change your mood by making you feel you’re on top of all.

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