Should You Consider Using a Backyard Pond Kit?

Backyard Pond Kit

There are many ways that you can make your garden interesting and appealing to the eye. One feature that you may consider adding is a garden pond. There are many different options and designs available, but a pond is not suitable for all gardens. If you do decide to add a pond, then you might consider using a backyard pond kit. Here is an overview of what a garden pond kit is and the pros and cons of adding this feature to your backyard.

What is a Backyard Pond Kit?

A pond kit is a kit that contains all the parts you need to add a pond to your backyard. In most cases, these are raised ponds that you position on the ground rather than digging below the surface. Pond kits include the structure, the lining, and the pumps.

The Pros of Having a Pond in Your Backyard

Before deciding whether to buy a pond kit for your backyard, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of having a pond. Home Guides highlights some of the benefits of having a pond. These include:

  • Visually appealing- Adding a pond to your backyards creates a visually appealing feature that can become the focal point of your garden. Adding pond plants and fish will add to the visual appeal of the pond.
  • Relaxing- Many people find water features relaxing, and water is associated with tranquillity in many religions.
  • Keeping fish- If you want to keep fish, then a pond is a perfect option. This is especially the case if you want larger fish, such as koi carp.
  • Encouraging nature- Ponds can attract wildlife to your backyard that would not otherwise come if you did not have a pond. Therefore, a pond is a good addition if you are a nature lover.
  • Garden zoning- Many people with larger gardens like to one their garden by creating separate sections, such as a vegetable patch, formal borders, lawned areas, decking, and an orchard.

The Cons of Having a Pond in Your Backyard

As with almost any feature you add to your backyard, there are also some cons to having a pond in your garden, says Terracast products. These are:

  • Maintenance- If you have a pond, it is an additional part of your garden that requires maintenance. If you do not maintain it properly, it will become an eyesore in your garden, get a nasty smell, and will become unfit for fish or other animals. If you do not have the time or ability to maintain the pond, then it is better not to have one.
  • Safety- Having any type of pond is always a safety concern if you have children or pets as there is the risk of drowning.
  • Damage to the garden- Some types of pond, especially sunken ponds, can cause damage to tree roots and other parts of your backyard.
  • Attracting unwanted visitors- Although a pond can attract some lovely wildlife to your garden, it can also attract some unwanted visitors. This is especially the case if you have fish in the pond. Depending on where you live, some potential unwanted visitors include foxes, birds, cats, or bears.
  • Ongoing costs- Maintaining your pond can mean that there are ongoing costs beyond the initial purchase, especially if you keep fish in the ponds.

The Advantages of Choosing a Pond Kit for Your Backyard

When considering a pond kit over other forms of ponds, you should think about the advantages of this option. Quick Crop highlights the following benefits:

  • Ease of construction- All the parts are included in a pond kit, so they are much easier to construct than a sunken pond. It is much quicker and requires less effort. There is also a greater chance that you can construct one of these than a sunken pond, thus saving money on labor.
  • Safety- This type of pond is safer than a sunken pond as there is less risk of falling in it because it is raised above ground level. This means it is a better option if you have children or pets.
  • Easier maintenance- As the pond is not impacted by the ground and surrounding area, they are generally easier to maintain over time.
  • Less bending- Pond kits are a good option for people with bad backs or mobility issues as you will not need to bend over as far to maintain the pond
  • Smart-looking- There is an argument that a raised pond kit is smarter looking in your garden than a sunken pond. There is also the option to add potted plants around a raised pond, which you cannot do with a sunken pond or it would get concealed behind the flowers.

Other Considerations

When deciding whether to buy a backyard pond kit, you should also consider these points:

  • Space- Does your backyard have enough space for a pond and leave enough room for any other way you wish to use the space? If you are really keen to have a pond and there is limited space in your backyard, there are some smaller options available.
  • Cost- There are pond kits available at various price points, so you should find something within your budget. However, you should also consider any ongoing costs of maintenance.

A Backyard Pond Kit – The Final Verdict

A pond can make a great addition to your backyard if you have enough space, can afford the ongoing costs, and you are willing to maintain it properly. They look great, attract wildlife, are an interesting feature, and can offer a form of relaxation. There are several advantages of a pond kit over a sunken pond, including ease of construction, greater safety, visual appeal, and easier maintenance. Before committing to a purchase and adding a pond kit to your backyard, it is essential that you weigh up all the pros and cons properly. If you do decide to buy a pond kit for your backyard, you will find kits in various sizes and designs within various price points.

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