20 Gorgeous Examples of Track Lighting Ideas

Track lighting is one of the most unique features you can add to your home. Not only does it serve as one of the functional components to your home by adding light, but it adds a sense of style and ambience. So much consideration is given to typical décor pieces and furnishings, that lighting is often overlooked, and if you think about it, lighting can easily make or break the look of a room, no matter how you have it decorated.

If the room is not lit right, focal points are missed, spaces of dark and dreary can be consuming, or too bright of lights in the room, can be eyesores, overpowering, and make it uncomfortable to want to sit, relax or visit. Track lighting gives you many options that you are sure to be able to find the perfect track lighting for your any room in your home.

Here are some tips for choosing track lighting, and what you should consider before you buy.

1. Ambience

If you are wanting to add different options of lighting in a room strictly to create an ambience as opposed to strong overhead lights or bulky, chunky lighting from floor lamps and side tables, track lighting gives you much better choices and control over the lighting in a room. For ambience track lighting fixtures, choose smaller fixtures, preferably about 4 inches each. The rule off thumb is that fixtures that measure 4 inches in size, should be set about 4 inches apart, and the same goes for any fixtures measuring 6 inches, the same rule applies. Smaller light fixtures are a great way to get lower light to create a softer glow in the room for the perfect ambience.

2. Creating a focal point

If a focal point is what you want to add to a dining room, kitchen or bedroom, a beautifully hanging chandelier is one of the best ways to get the lighting you need and a beautiful eye catcher for the room. Adjustable lighting for the chandelier allows you to control the lighting mood in the room, from brighter to low tones for relaxing or watching TV.

3. Task lighting

Task lighting is one of the most common reasons why people install track lighting in their homes. Track lighting for task use can be installed under cabinetry for better counter light, over desks where little light allows you to see or work at the desk. Track lighting can even be installed in rooms like the utility room, that gives you a brighter space to work where there isn’t enough natural light in the room or sufficient overhead.

If you have any questions regarding track lighting and what your options could be, talk to the experts at a local lighting store but get some of the best ideas here by viewing 20 gorgeous track lighting examples of track lighting ideas.

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