Why You Should Consider a Wall Fish Tank

There are many ways that you can add interesting focal points to your interior design. Whilst some of the most common ways are by adding paintings and wall art, these are not the only options available. An interesting and unique alternative is to have a wall fish tank. There is a huge range of different sizes and styles available that will suit a variety of homes. Here is all you need to know about fish wall tanks.

The Benefits of Having a Wall Fish Tank

The main reason you would choose to have a wall fish tank is that they are a stunning focal point to have on your wall. They are unique in the sense that you will never look at the same view twice as the fish create a sense of moving wall art. A fish tank fitted in your wall will also create an interesting talking point. When people visit your home, this feature of your interior décor will attract their attention and is something about which they are likely to make comments. Many owners of a wall fish tank also find them extremely relaxing. They spend hours watching the magical movement of the fish in the tank and this gives them feelings of peace and calm.

The Different Styles of Wall Tank

Wall fish tanks come in a wide range of styles and sizes that will suit almost all styles of homes. The most common of these styles is a fish tank that is installed at a central point in the main wall as this will act as an attractive focal point when you walk into the room. The size you choose for such a feature will depend on the size of the wall in which it will be installed, the general size of the room, and the budget you have available.

Another style of wall fish tank is a tank that is installed as an internal wall to divide sections of a room or to separate one room from another. It is possible to get a bespoke fish tank that is designed specifically to create the perfect size of an internal wall for the area in which it is located. You can also get a similar style of fish tank that is just one part of a dividing wall. The rest of the wall may be constructed from traditional bricks or glass brinks that complement the tank and allow light into all areas of a room.

Cost and Installation

The main concern that people have when considering installing a wall fish tank is the cost. Although these are more expensive than regular tanks, they might not be as expensive as you would expect. However, the cost can vary significantly and this depends on a number of factors. Size is the first factor as the larger the wall fish tank, the more it is likely to cost. The second factor that impacts on the price is the materials used to custom build the tank. The third factor that impacts on the cost is the design of the tank as there are some styles that will cost more than others.

In addition to the cost of the actual tank itself, there are some further costs that you should take into consideration. You will need to consider the different types of fish that you wish to keep in the tank. While some fish are cheap to buy, there are some rare species that are expensive to buy. The cost of installation is another element you need to factor into the overall cost. This is a job that requires experts who are experienced in fitting wall fish tanks and not something that a general builder should undertake. You are likely to pay a little more for their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Finally, you need to think about the running cost of having a wall fish tank. While this is not a big cost in the grand scale of household expenses, it does all add up over the year. The fish tank needs electricity to run the pump that adds oxygen to the water and keeps it at a certain temperature. There is also the cost of electricity if you have lighting in your tank.

Below are some fine examples of wall fish tanks:

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