20 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Designs with Pendant Lights

It’s not uncommon to find an island of some sort in the kitchens of today’s homes. Islands are as uniquely designed to fit the style of the kitchen, which means they can come in a wide variety of looks and sizes. They serve as both functional and ornamental to the kitchen, but all serve a better purpose if they are properly lighted so that you get the best benefits out of it, whether your island is primarily used for mealtime, or preparing those meals. While most islands used to be fitted with an ordinary ceiling light or recessed light, many builders have switched things up to include pendant lights, however, the builders typically do not incorporate anything other than a basic droplet pendant light. Lighting features are a great way to show off your style and great taste and the kitchen island is the perfect place to do this. Your island grabs a lot of attention in the kitchen, so why not really make it pop and stand out as its own focal point by adding some really eye-catching pendant lights that not only give you all the lighting you need, but really help to showcase your beautiful kitchen peninsula? Here are some ideas that can help you pick the perfect pendant lights for your own kitchen island. Keep reading.

How many pendant lights?

Islands are typically built to scale the size of your kitchen, which means that you’ll see islands in all different sizes and  are typically shaped in a butcher block square, or are a long rectangular shape. The size really doesn’t matter when it comes to picking the right number of pendant lights because no matter what size your island is, three is the number of pendant lights you want dangling above your center counter piece. Three lights gives any size island a balance of light across the counter, as well as it balances out the look of the island when you compare it to two or four. Of course, if you have an overly long island, you will want to up the number to four to get that same balance.

What style looks best?

You might feel a bit overwhelmed when you walk through the lighting section of your store, but if you go with view of your kitchen in mind – taking an actual picture with you is recommended – you can get a better idea of which styles would work best with your kitchen theme, the size of your island, and ceiling type and height. Here are a few types of pendant lights that are trending today, and what makes each style unique. You can get an idea if any of these styles might be the style for your island, and entire kitchen.

  • Glass globe pendant

Glass globes really became popular in the 1970’s and now they’re back in popularity. If you have a small kitchen, this style might be one that you don’t even give a second glance, but these beautiful balls of lights are actually less overwhelming than they might appear at first glance. You might think they will consume too much space and crowd the room, but with the see through glass, you retain your vision all through the globes so you don’t lose any sight of your kitchen space. These are not only elegant and sparkly, but they offer a classic yet retro look, which means they can go with just about any kitchen design theme.

  • Industrial pendant lights 

Are you into the rustic or industrial design theme? Do you love the look of rugged, weathered elements and decor pieces in your home? If so, this style might be perfect for your kitchen island. Industrial pendants have a sculptural look to them and offer a more masculine look to the room as opposed to light, airy and delicate. If you like the thought of an ornamental look with a rugged touch, check out the different industrial pendants to see if they could be the perfect design for your kitchen.

  • Pulley pendant lights

Pulley pendants are not only great looking, but they have another purpose beyond hanging over your island and looking classy and stylish. These pendants give you the option of having them hang at one level, or adjust them to give you more or less light. Yes, these lights work for you by being weighted so you can decide how high or low you want them to hang over the island.

  • Colorful pendants

Are you looking for more color an d pizzazz in your kitchen? There are a wide range of colorful pendant designs that let you add a splash of color and wow to your kitchen island. You can choose from little colorful glass orbs to something like a colorful Moroccan style light to match your Moroccan themed home. When it comes to choosing a colorful pendant light design, try finding a design that fits your kitchen’s style then choose a color of pendant that adds a bit of contrasting color to your kitchen’s color scheme to lighten and brighten the center of your kitchen.

Pendant lights are one of the best ways to add an ornamental element to a kitchen that might not have much luster to it in any other way. You can really make your entire kitchen sparkle, and your island go from boring and dreary, to WOW! Take a look at the following kitchen island designs with pendant lights to help inspire your pendant light design choice.

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