20 Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Pedestal Sinks

For years pedestal sinks were a popular choice for bathrooms in many homes, but the trend took a hard dive and it seems like they were hardly seen anymore with the birth of the bigger vanities. Today, those small, vintage style sinks are back, and they’ve come back with a vengeance. Pedestal sinks aren’t the most practical type of bathroom sink. They consist of two parts: the stand, and the basin, which obviously means you have little space for setting items on it. You won’t find room for setting a razor or make-up, and it offers no form of storage space. So then why would a home owner choose to install a pedestal sink in a bathroom? There are reasons why a pedestal would be a good choice for a bathroom, and learning more about them can help you decide if this style of sink would be a good choice for a bathroom in your home. We’ll also show you a variety of styles of pedestal sinks to help you better envision one in your bathroom.

Most common types of bathrooms to find a pedestal sink

While pedestal sinks offer a lot of style and character to a bathroom, the functionality of them stops with the fact that they basically act as a washing station in your bathroom.

  • Powder rooms – Pedestal sinks are primarily installed in small bathrooms where there is not a lot of space, such as a small hallway bath or powder room. Powder rooms are generally small and typically only consist of a toilet and sink with no shower or tub. Pedestal sinks don’t take up much space and can be set in very small spaces, which makes them a great choice for powder rooms.
  • Small full baths – Another reason a pedestal might be installed in a bathroom is if it just happens to be a small bathroom. If you have a small, full-bath that would be overcrowded with a regular sink and vanity, a pedestal sink will help open up the space and make the room feel more spacious, in both literal and visual square footage.

If you are working on a bathroom remodel or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, a pedestal might be a good choice for your bathroom. The look of this vintage style sink can add charm and elegance to just about any bathroom, and with so many styles, shapes and sizes, you will surely be able to find the perfect one to match your design theme and personal taste. Like anything else, you’ll find pedestal sinks that fit a modern theme bathroom, a classic bath, retro, industrial style, and much more.


  • Lack of storage space – As mentioned before, there is a drawback to pedestal sinks and the biggest is the lack of storage space underneath. If you need your sink to also function as storage, too, you might not want a pedestal sink, however, there are options to storage if a pedestal sink still seems like the better option. There are so many storage options, from corner storage units, wall-mounted, and more, that many small bathrooms can accommodate a pedestal sink along with alternative method of storing your towels and other items in a creative way.
  • Understand what’s required for installation of your pedestal sink – The pedestal is small and does not have a lot of room to work with in way of concealing the plumbing. It is always best to discuss the installation of the pedestal to find out the best method of hiding the plumbing works running to your sink. It’s important that your plumbing contractor tries to get it as close to perfect as possible in order to keep the look of the entire pedestal sink as flush, neat and tidy with the piping as possible. For what is unable to be completely hidden, there are options that many homeowners choose to help lessen the visible piping. The best way to make the area more attractive is to use more attractive valves and water lines. Chrome, oiled bronze and brass are some of the most common finishes used with pedestal sinks.

Pedestal sinks are not only charming, but they can change the whole look of the room. The elegance and beauty of this vintage look can really take you back in time, even if only for a few minutes while you’re in the bathroom. If you want to give your bathroom a new look, open up some more space, or just love the look that a pedestal sink adds to a bathroom, then take a look at the following beautiful bathroom designs with pedestal sinks to get even more inspiration for your bathroom.

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