20 Examples of Incorporating Mint Color Into Your Home

There is something about the color mint that gives a room an open, airy, and fresh feeling when you walk into it that it makes you wish you could incorporate a little (or a lot) of the color, mint, into your home decor. Mint can be chic, elegant, romantic or even a little eclectic, all depending on how you use it. The versatility of mint is great. It can be used in a number of ways in a room. Whether you use a little or a lot, it can brighten the atmosphere and give a room a whole new look and feel. If you are a fan of the color mint, you should consider using it in your home decor, and we can give you ideas for incorporating this beautiful shade of green into your home decor.

Wall color

Let’s face it. White walls can become drab and boring to look at over time. Despite how crisp and clean they are, white can start to appear less than appealing, especially in rooms with great architectural designs that would stand out much better if they were highlighted with some color. If you happen to be a little bold-aphobic, decorating with lighter hues might be a better route to go, and one color that offers a lot of options and possibilities, is mint green. One thing to keep in mind is that despite mint being a lighter color for walls, for some people, too much mint can even be a bit overwhelming. If you feel too uncomfortable with a room full of mint walls, try adding mint throughout the room in other ways.

Use in well-lit rooms, preferably natural light

Mint is a color that works best in a room that offers lots of light, and natural light is preferable. Light reflects off the mint and makes it appear extra bright, which is the look you want from this hue. This is especially true if you plan to paint walls in this color, otherwise, the walls can appear to be more on the drab side and in some cases, take on an avocado green hue.

Use metal finish accents to warm it up

Mint is one of those colors that works really well when it’s paired with metal finishes, and brass and chrome finishes in particular. That being said, chrome is one metal that can work with mint, it is really brass that works the best and can really warm the color up a few notches. If your walls are mint, or even just have mint accents throughout the room in your accessories, such as your fabrics, throw pillows, or other decor pieces, place some brass accents throughout the room to really help pull that mint out and make it shine. Brass accent lamps, candlesticks, among other decor accessories.

Pair it with other other colors

One great thing about mint is that it pairs nicely with many other colors, making it an easy color to work with. Some of the best color combinations for mint include, mint and white, mint and coral, mint and lavender, mint and gray, mint and aqua, and mint and black. While many of the combinations help create an energetic look and feel about the room, such as the mint and coral will do, other combinations will help to create a more subtle, soothing look and feel to the room, like you get with the mint and lavender or mint and gray combination. Whatever ambiance you want to gain from the use of the mint in your room, work with different color combinations to get the exact look and feel you want.

Mint is a color that is currently trending right now, so whether you use it a little or a lot in a room, just having any amount of the fresh and airy color can help brighten and modernize your room. Keep scrolling to see 20 examples of incorporating mint color into your home and get inspired to start updating your home’s look.

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