How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Window Curtains

Bathroom Curtains

One aspect of bathroom interior design that is often overlooked is window décor, such as curtains or blinds. Not only do these give additional security to your room, but they will also contribute to the overall finish of your room. If you opt to add curtains, then there are several things you need to think about before making your decision. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing curtains for your bathroom window.


Before you even begin choosing your curtains, you need to measure up to find the size of curtains your need, says Real Homes. First, measure the width of the window from approximately six inches from the outer edge of the frame on each side. This will give you the measurement of the width of the window area you need to cover, but this is not the width of the curtains you need as you need additional width so that the curtains gather and you do not need to stretch them tight to cover the window. For eyelet or pleated curtains, multiply your width measurement by two. If you are buying tab top curtains, you only need to multiply the width by 1.5. Next, you need to decide how long you want your curtains. You should have enough length for the curtains to extend at least a few inches below the bottom of the window ledge. You might want them even longer but remember to consider anything sitting below the window. You start your length measurement just above where you want your curtain pole to sit and then measure to where you want your curtains to finish. It makes sense to measure for a second time to make sure your measurements are correct before you commit to ordering your new bathroom window curtains.


According to Plumbworld, the materials from which the bathroom curtains are made is another important factor to think about. One option is to choose vinyl curtains as these are moisture-resistant and easy to wipe clean. If you choose other materials, then check that the curtains are machine-washable as it is likely that you will need to wash them regularly to prevent mold and mildew growth. Another consideration relating to the materials is the amount of light you want in the room. If you still want natural light to come into your bathroom, while also retaining some privacy, then you might prefer to opt for curtains made from a sheer fabric. This will stop people seeing into your bathroom if it is overlooked while maximizing the amount of light in the room.

Design and Style

There is a vast array of designs to choose between, says Décor Snob, and panel curtains offer you the most options in terms of patterns and colors. You should choose curtains in a color that matches the color scheme you have chosen for the bathroom. It is also wise to choose a pattern or design that reflects the interior design style you have chosen. For example, for a farmhouse bathroom look, you could opt for pretty floral prints, while for a contemporary bathroom you might choose curtains with a geometric design. Stripes work well for a nautical theme, while single color curtains will work with most styles.

Pole and Curtain Tops

It is essential that you get the right sort of curtains to match with your chosen curtain pole. According to House of Home, some of the different curtain types include eyelet, tab top, goblet, pinch pleat, rod pocket, box pleat, and tailored pleat. Getting the right curtains to match the pole is important or you cannot attach the panels to the pole easily. Which curtain top you choose is partly a matter of personal preference. However, the weight of the curtain also makes a difference. For example, if your bathroom curtains are made from a heavier material, then eyelet curtains are a good option as these can hold the weight well.


Like anything you buy for your home, the price of curtains is a key deciding factor for many people, especially those with a limited budget. The price of curtains depends on many things, including the materials, the curtain tops, the size, the quality, and the brand. It is possible to get good quality and aesthetically pleasing pair of bathroom window curtains for a low cost if you shop around online.

Curtains vs. Blinds

Not everyone is a fan of curtains, and they are not the only option for bathrooms. Another option is blinds, and both blinds and curtains have pros and cons. For the most part, which you choose is a matter of personal preference as some people prefer the aesthetics of one over another. However, there are also some other aspects of each that you should consider. Blinds are often considered a more expensive option, but this really depends on the brand, the materials, and the type of blinds or curtains. Blinds are more difficult to fit, and you are more likely to experience problems with their function in the future. On the other hand, they are easier to clean than curtains. In terms of options, the designs, styles, colors, and patterns are equally varied for both curtains and blinds.

Bathroom Curtains – The Final Verdict

Bathroom curtains can look great in your bathroom and will offer you some privacy. Choosing ones that are the right size for the windows and that are made from materials that can cope with moist conditions is important. The style and design you choose is a matter of personal preference, and you will find plenty of choices available to suit all tastes. You will also find an array of different curtain top types, and you should consider your curtain pole choice when making this decision. An alternative to curtains are blinds and there are pros and cons to both options.

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