The Key Characteristics of a French Country Bedroom

French Country Bedroom

When designing their bedroom, many people want to choose a theme that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Although there are many interior design styles that meet these criteria, one of the best options is the French country interior design style. This theme is perfect for creating a bedroom where you feel relaxed, well-rested, and comfortable. If you are considering this style for your bedroom, here are the characteristics that define a French country bedroom.

What is a French Country Bedroom?

French country interior design is inspired by homes in the French countryside, says House Beautiful. This is a style that is based on rural life and the surrounding countryside. It is a warm and comfortable style with a homely feel. When applied to the bedroom, you can create a space that is nice to spend time in and in which you can feel relaxed. You can choose to incorporate all the main characteristics of this style into your bedroom, or simply select a few features that reflect this theme. The French country style is ideal for master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, or the bedroom of a little girl.


Almost all colors are acceptable for the French country style theme, and these often reflect the countryside of France. However, The Spruce recommends sticking to a palette of pastels for the bedroom to create a warm and light environment. Creams, pale yellows, soft blues, and light pinks are ideal for this style. You can complement the lighter colors with some punchy accent colors in the accessories and soft furnishings if you want to add a little vibrancy to the room.

Print and Patterns

Prints and patterns are widely used with this interior design style. You will often see prints on the walls or patterns on accessories, soft furnishings, or wallpaper. The most common patterns in this style are floral prints that reflect the French countryside. However, checked patterns that are traditionally used in farmhouses also work well, as do prints of farm animals.


This style is all about the countryside and nature, so the use of natural materials is a key element of this style. The two main materials used are wood and stone, and these are incorporated into many aspects of a French country style home. The use of fabrics is another important characteristic of French country design, and you can use these for the bedding and many accessories around the room. Walls are often roughly plastered and sometimes one wall is left with the stone or brickwork exposed.


In many rooms around a French country home, stone floors are used. However, wood floors are another popular option. In the bedroom, the better of the materials to use is a wood floor. This is because the wood has a warmer feel and appearance than stone, so it contributes to the comfortable feel of a bedroom. Ideally, you should add rugs around the bed as these will feel comfortable on your feet when you get up in the morning. They are also a warm detail and an interesting feature of the room. Choose a rug that complements the color scheme of your room or has a similar pattern to the one you have used for your soft furnishings.


You should choose wooden furniture for the bedroom, and the most important piece of furniture is the bed. According to Sense and Serendipity, you should try a vintage bed, such as one with an elaborate headboard or an ornate four-poster bed. It is important that the other items of furniture in the room are also wood, and reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for this rustic style. Fitted furniture is not best suited to this style. Instead, opt for individual pieces, such as a set of drawers, a wardrobe, and a dressing table.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are an essential element of the French country style in the bedroom, and it is not just about your choice of bedding. Other soft furnishings to include in the bedroom include cushions, throws, and curtains. The use of soft furnishings is a chance to add pops of color to the bedroom or to incorporate prints and patterns into the room. You don’t necessarily need to stick to one pattern with this style as you can combine several patterns and colors. This is a rather fussy style, so consider adding a valance to your bed and a pelmet to the top of your curtains.


While some styles are minimalistic and make very little use of accessories, this theme is the opposite. Therefore, accessories are one of the key defining characteristics of this interior design style. This means that French country style is perfect for those who like to display all their personal belongings. You can display almost any accessories that you wish, such as your photographs or mementos. However, ceramics work well with this style, so you should try to have some plates or vases on display in the bedroom. Ornate mirrors are also a good option. Not only do they have the right look, but they will also add light and a sense of space into the room. Potted plants are also a nice touch as this will bring an element of nature indoors. You can display your accessories on any surface in the bedroom and add them to the walls to give interesting focal points around the room.

French Country Bedrooms – The Final Verdict

The French country interior design style is a homely and warm style that is inspired by homes in the French countryside. As this style has such a comfortable feel, it is a perfect choice for a bedroom. This rustic style features the use of natural materials and soft furnishings, including wooden furniture, cushions, and throws. Paler colors work best on the walls, with accents of vibrant colors, patterns, and prints. Accessories are also important to personalize the space and to add to the homely feel of the bedroom.

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