10 Pieces of Essential Beach Bathroom Decor

Unless you’re very, very lucky, you can’t be on vacation 365 days a year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like it. The bathroom is the perfect place to introduce a little beachy magic into your home. Adding some sea views might be a stretch too far, but don’t underestimate the power of some coastal colors and ocean-fresh accents. If you’re ready to inject some beach magic into your home, here are the 10 pieces of essential beach bathroom décor you can’t be without.

1. A Rustic Hanging Organizer

No bathroom is complete without an organizer, and no beach bathroom is complete without a rustic one. Ideally, choose one made from wood that looks likes it’s spent the last few decades being beaten around by the wind and the waves. Not only will it prove the perfect place to hang your clothes, your towels, and your bathrobes, it’ll also fit into your beachy theme a treat.

2. A Pot of Paint

If there’s one thing a beach bathroom needs, it’s color. But not just any old color. Blues and greens are obviously a great place to start, with both bringing a sense of breezy beach charm that’s hard to resist. Forget that old saying “blues and greens should never be seen” and embrace as many different shades of the two you like, including turquoise blue, powder blue, sky blue, electric blue, air force, baby blue, tiffany, steel blue, sea green, olive, forest green, and moss green.

3. Pebble Tiles

No beach is complete without some pebbles, and no beach bathroom is complete without some pebble tiles. You don’t have to go all-out and clad your walls, floors, and everything else in the stuff (not unless you really want to, in any case), but there’s plenty of places you can add some pebbly charm without worrying about it looking overdone. The Spruce makes the great suggestion of adding pebble tile to the shower, which will add just the right amount of pebbledash to get the beachy effect.

4. Wallpaper

You might need to bear with us on this one. For most people, wallpaper is something for the living room, the dining room, or maybe the bedroom. But not the bathroom. Which is understandable – combine paper with a moist environment, and the end result is going to be less than ideal. But there’s plenty of water-proof options out that that make wallpaper not only suitable for the bathroom, but highly recommended. A beach themed bathroom takes color and patterns exceptionally well, and pattern and color is something you’ll get no shortage of from a wallpaper. Whether you go for a big, abstract floral design or a more subtle striped effect, choose the colors wisely and you’ll be adding a big hit of beachy wonder with very little effort.

5. Beachy Accessories

You don’t have to clad your walls with fish murals from floor to ceiling, but a few beach-inspired accessories can go a long way to making you feel in the vacation spirit. Farmfreshtherapy.com has some great recommendations, including a rustic whale hook that’s certain to add some rustic naval flavor to your décor.

6. White Towels

When it comes to towels, forget about anything black, brown, pink or yellow. Or in fact, any color other than white. Not only do white towels look crisp and clean (two adjectives that every bathroom should aim for), they’ll also evoke a white-capped wave when rolled and pilled in a wire basket (or, as Better Homes and Gardens says).

7. Natural Materials

The sea’s no place for plastic, and neither is your beach inspired bathroom. Eschew synthetics and man-made materials for woods, glass, and other natural materials. A stone floor, linen drapes, wooden accents, and marble countertops will add a touch of the natural into the room – and if there’s one thing a beach-inspired bathroom needs to evoke most, it’s the natural.

8. A Lantern

Don’t underestimate how much beachy goodness a few lanterns can add to a bathroom. Choose one in glass for a more modern styled room, or weathered wood for a more rustic one. Pop a candle in and voila! A touch of beachy magic for hardly any cost (although if budget’s not an object, a collection of lanterns can make a bold statement, particularly if you choose ones in a variety of shapes and sizes).

9. Palm Fronds

As homebnc.com notes, palm fronds make a bold architectural and natural statement.. and add some beach magic to your bathroom to boot. Pop a few in a simple white vase (the perfect vessel to accentuate the fronds without distracting from them), then place the vase in any spot in the bathroom that could be enhanced with some leafy greenery. While we’re on the subject of greenery, don’t feel obliged to stop at palm fronts. Some tall grasses planted in a glass vase that’s been weighed down with a mix of sand and pebbles can look lovely, and will fit into the beach theme perfectly.

10. Wall Art

If you decide to add a striking wallpaper to your bathroom, you can do away with the need for art if you prefer. The wallpaper will serve the same purpose. If you choose to add both, make sure you don’t go so overboard that the bathroom becomes an eyesore – beachy bathrooms can take some decoration, but the over-riding vibe needs to be clean, crisp, and simple. If you choose to stick to paints and tiles, on the other hand, you’ve got the perfect excuse to have some fun with wall art. Look for prints, frames, and pieces that complement the general scheme – a few iron fish sculptures can look beautiful, as well as adding a great splash of color. A few shells mounted on frames can also look stunning, particularly if you group a little collection together rather than sticking to just the one.

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