20 Mid-Century Modern Design Bathroom Ideas

Mid-century design is one of those classics that is always fun to work with. It has long been one of the most popular styles, whether you love it or don’t, it is here to stay, and now, mixing modern design ideas into the mix to give the vintage look a more modern look and feel has made it even more popular among homeowners. The mid-century era was one that used simple, clean-cut lines and robust colors. You can create this look in any room of the house, including the bathroom, which is one room that wears the look well. If you are drawn to the mid-century look and want to incorporate a little or a lot of the mid-century design into your bath, here are some ideas that can help you achieve the perfect combination of old and new.

Choose your color scheme

Although the 50’s was known for it’s use of saturated color combos, a lot of neutrals were also used, so you don’t have to be too drastic in your color palette if you want to keep your bathroom on the understated side. You may prefer to keep a neutral color on the wall, whether you decide to add a neutral, mid-century designed wallpaper to the walls, or textured (or non-textured) paint. If you are a die-hard mid-century fan, you may prefer to add bolder, richer mid-century colors to the walls to guide you in the rest of your design ideas. Rich, pea greens, yellows and golds, browns, and oranges were all popular color coordinates of the 50’s and you can incorporate these colors into your bathroom in different ways; the wall colors, cabinetry, tiles, and accent pieces.

Pairing your design features

Many mid-century bathrooms boast ceramic white subway tile flooring, or black and white tile flooring, however, you can install wood flooring if you prefer, as one of your more modern updates. Medium tone, flat panel cabinets pair well with many different types of flooring, as well as white, modern bathtub, and modern, two-piece toilet. If you prefer a more mid-century appeal, a teak bath really brings out the elegance of the era, especially paired with brushed gold fixtures for sinks, showers and bathtubs.

Keep in mind that the era was all about minimalist, so keep shapes and contours to a minimum, including with your lighting fixtures. Hanging ball lights over the vanity are a nice touch, or wall-mounted tube lighting on either side of a wall mirror, also represents the mid-century era.

There are so many options when you combine two design types, modern and mid-century, that the outcomes are endless in what you can design. To get your inspirational juices flowing,, take a look at the following 20 mid-century modern design bathroom ideas.

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