20 Before and After Bathroom Remodels That Are Stunning

Sometimes bathrooms need to be remodeled to make them more functional, while other times, they are just simply out-of-date, or not your taste. Remodeling even a small bathroom is a big deal. It requires significant planning and work, but the end result will be a more attractive, and personally-suited bathroom that you enjoy using. If you are a DIY type of homeowner, the bathroom can be a fun renovation for you, but it is time consuming and there is a lot to know about plumbing and installation of many different types of materials (depending on how involved your remodel is). If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom and looking for a few tips to get you started on your project, here are a few things to consider.

Consider online options

Many people want to hit the home stores first, when it comes to getting materials for home projects. Of course, you do get to see the materials, such as cabinetry and countertops, tile, bathtubs and showers in person, and it definitely has its benefits to see and feel them up close, however, you can also shop online and find a lot of very cool and unique materials online. One of the biggest benefits of shopping for things like your countertops and other features online is the savings you can get. If your budget is a big factor in what you can do in your bathroom remodel, consider online sources to get better deals. It may give you some leeway to get different choices, or make more changes.

Wait for all your materials to arrive

When you are tackling a large project like remodeling your bathroom, you want to make sure that you have all the materials you’ve ordered on-hand before you start the demo. It might seem tempting to start ripping out old tile or counters, or tearing down old sheetrock, but starting prematurely before all of your supplies and materials are there and ready to go, can cause more work if you’re not careful. You never know if something is going to be delayed or will fit right, so to prevent delays in having a functional bathroom for long periods of time or a plumbing issue, be patient and wait till you have everything you need on-hand.

Tile tips

When it comes to re-tiling your shower wall or flooring, you can really add flair and personality by adding decorative tiles in the mix. Glass or mosaic tiles are a bit more costly than regular ceramic tiles, but you don’t need a lot of them to make something like a shower really pop and look classy. For small showers or small bathrooms, lighter or neutral tones of tile can help increase the visual square footage of the space, plus, you can get your color bursts with the decorative tiles to add that punch of color you want.

Splurge on one of your items

If you are remodeling your bathroom in a budget, then of course money is an issue, but do consider splurging on one of the items you are updating, such as the faucets, the bathtub, or sink. Choosing one thing you will really enjoy in the room and want to be the focal point of the bathroom can give you something to base other choices off of, plus it will bring you a sense of joy whenever you’re in the bathroom.

If you need inspiration to help you in your design and remodel of your bathroom, take a look at these 20 before and after, bathroom remodels to get you started.

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